Who owns GamerSupps? The company’s ownership and controversies

Extra gamerSupps claims it can give you all the energy you need to increase endurance and boost your focus on eSports like Kaho Shibuya last weekend. GameStop has been replacing the creative work portfolio for less than three years. Our engineers repaired it more than 1 million times in the two years before it reached what we call GG or “Gamer’s Gold”.

It’s worth it because it offers an easy-to-use but calorie-free ketogenic supplement for night games without a midnight surprise after a pizza shake! With 100 preset boxes, do not worry about spending too much money, you can play to your heart’s content. But be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, GG may regret such sponsorship!

Can we focus on those who play video games? 

Well, this post is about supplements called Gamer Supps. Read on to find out more about the model. Gamer Supps claims to be an energy supplement that provides sustainable energy and boosts strength and quick reflexes at a fraction of the cost of an expensive canned energy drink.

Gamer Surf is focused on providing esports players and athletes with healthy fuel options, and Gamer Surf is a supplement designed for gamers, not drugs.

As e-games and e-sports explode, companies like GamerSupps create add-ons to help players play better and longer. When GamerSupps launched its products, the gaming industry was not as big as it is today. It is not surprising that there is a suspicion that the product will be profitable. Over the years, niche markets for games have become popular, with many popular players branding these products and even advertising to their millions of followers on social media. Like Twitch or YouTube.

People are worried about the nutrition used in esports

As commercial interest in esports grows, people are also using artificial ingredients to increase their effectiveness. According to Newzoo, the esports market will reach $ 1.8 billion by 2022. There is an obvious dark side to this, but leading experts are concerned about what these companies are saying to young gamers. Sleep.

Evelyn Volders of Monash University is opposed to the practice and told The New Daily she was “deeply concerned” that the company was targeting additional players without providing regulations or guidelines on what could be posted on it. Social media. He said we should have rules for this.


GamerSupps was created by popular YouTube video writer Jonathan Schillatt. In May 2022, he announced on Twitter that he sponsored Shillat and now has GamerSupps! Just use my discount code when you apply and get 10% off!

The tweet, which has not been officially confirmed by the company, has raised doubts among netizens as to whether it is true or not. However, rumors soon died out and Shilat seemed to own GamerSupps after all. Shilat, who started her career in July 2013, is a 

YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His most popular video “Elon ru ok” has been viewed 26 million times online.

Launch JSCHLATT streaming to get GAMERSUPPS by the end of May 2022

Popular and controversial broadcaster Jschlatt recently acquired GamerSupps in late May. The announcement was made via the jschlatt Twitter account Update: Schlatt is sponsored and managed by GamerSupps! You can support it with a 10% discount on all products!

Jishlat is controversial. He has been charged with racism, transgender Islam, and sexual harassment. Many tours were canceled before they started, but Jishlat fans continue to grow. We used to hear sweet comments all day, so it seems like some people think his honesty is ridiculous. Now that Jislat is known to be irreversible, it seems impossible for anyone else to take Jislat down because Jislat will always survive what is thrown at him.

The CEO of GamerSupps has been accused of stealing marketing ideas from content creators.

Written in late January 2021, content creator Icerocker described a bad experience with the Gamersaps CEO. She accused CEO and founder Eric Freiman and partner director Chad Armstrong of using her marketing ideas without compensation. Icerocker wrote that she jumped out at the idea of working at GamerSupps, but suddenly realized she had made the wrong decision.

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