Baghdad has a long and rich history, ranking among the most significant cities in human history. It has prospered as a hub of illustrious study and culture. But since 2003, it has rapidly elevated to one of the world’s most hazardous cities. Despite this, the city is still a thriving centre of Islamic and Arab culture where the populace rejects violence.

Allow us to guide you as you prepare for your trip to this fascinating city. We’ll give you essential advice and insights to make your travels enjoyable and seamless. Let’s set out on an exciting 5 days tour to Baghdad, including ancient wonders, busy markets, and delectable cuisine.

. What is there to see and do, then? Here are the most incredible sights in Baghdad.

Cultural Delights :

Visit the National Theatre in Baghdad to fully immerse in the city’s thriving cultural scene and see compelling shows highlighting the country’s artistic prowess. Discover the Al-Zawraa Museum, a refuge for contemporary art that honours Iraq’s illustrious past. Visit Al-Mutanabbi Street, a thriving centre for literature, calligraphy, and artwork, to interact with regional artisans and artists. Take a minute to admire the Al-Karkh Grand Mosque’s intricate Islamic painting and calligraphy, symbolising the building’s architectural beauty and religious harmony.

Vibrant Markets and Bazaars:

Visiting Baghdad is only complete with visiting its vibrant markets and bazaars. Visit Shorja Market, a bustling maze of winding lanes with boutiques selling traditional crafts, fabrics, and spices. Explore the sensory feast at Bab al-Sharqi Market, known for its tasty teas, aromatic herbs, and regional specialities. Engage with welcoming store owners and haggle for one-of-a-kind trinkets that showcase the vibrant Iraqi culture.

Indulging in Iraqi Cuisine:

Get ready to embark on a culinary tour through the delicious food of Baghdad. Taste the delectable flavours of classic delicacies like kubba, a savoury dumpling stuffed with spiced meat or vegetables, and masgouf, a grilled fish speciality. While on your Iraq expedition, take the chance to enjoy Iraqi delicacies like baklava and stay with a cup of fragrant Iraqi tea. Please take advantage of the friendly service of neighbourhood eateries and street sellers as they gladly share their culinary heritage.

Navigating the City:

For convenience and ease of travel on a 5-day tour to Baghdad, think about hiring taxis or ride-hailing services. Plan your trip considering traffic congestion. Dress modestly, especially while visiting places of worship, to show respect for regional traditions and customs. Keep abreast of the latest security developments and heed any travel advice or instructions from your embassy or regional authorities.

Copper Market

Baghdad, the second-largest Arab metropolis in the world (behind Cairo), is home to many markets and souks.

The copper market is arguably the most vibrant.

The market in ancient Baghdad, directly across the street from the Mustansiriya Madrasa, is constantly bustling with activity. Copper is traditionally pounded into pots, jugs, and pitchers of all sizes. It’s an excellent location for souvenir purchasing and photography.

The city’s literary and bookselling hub, Mutanabbi Street, is close. Both indoor and outdoor booths and bookstores line the street. It bears the name of the Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi, who lived in the 10th century. Walk along the road and purchase tea at one of the numerous outdoor cafes.


Baghdad, a city rich in culture and history, welcomes you to go off on an extraordinary voyage of exploration. The essence of Baghdad will captivate your senses with its ancient wonders, colourful markets, and mouthwatering cuisine. As you travel around this amazing city on your Iraq expedition, soak up the friendliness of the locals, revel in the cooking, and become lost in the city’s rich history. As you treasure your experiences while visiting this remarkable capital, let Baghdad’s charm and hospitality leave an everlasting impression on your vacation memories.

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