Is Kimboerley Scam {June 2022} A Company Review!

This article uses an in-depth analysis of Kimberly’s behavior to explain whether Kimberly is a liar or not. Read the full article to know the truth.

Do you want to dress yourself in stylish clothes? If so, you’ve probably heard of Kimberly’s Store. The store’s ready-to-wear clothing is popular in Canada, the UK and the US. If you don’t know, you’ll learn to shop here. So, if you’re looking to buy a dress, let’s talk about her Kimberly scam.

Is this site legal?

How do you know if a website is a scam? In this digital age, people want to find the best deals on clothing, accessories, electronics, and more online. Also, nowadays people prefer online forums to save time and effort. For these reasons, cheating and fraud have become commonplace. Hence, you should be well aware of the website where you are reviewing the product to avoid such scams. To learn more about this site, please read the following articles.

Kimberly Reviews will analyze the website to determine if it is a scanner. We researched the features of the following websites to find out their authenticity.

Registrant: Store is registered as SNAPAMES 33, LLC.

Website registration: 03/04/2022 is the store registration date. The site was registered six months ago.

Social Accounts: This site does not have any social networks or accounts that make this site suspicious.

Customer Policies: While the site mentions all customer policies in its section, these seem inappropriate or not mentioned. So, is Kimberly a scam?

Reliability Factor: Reliability Index indicates a 1% confidence level, which is a very poor percentage in a confidence meter.

Customer Reviews: Since I can’t find a reviews section on the website, I can’t find reviews.

Data Security: Data is protected by HTTPS, which means that data is transmitted securely to the client.

Incorrect location information: The website does not mention the relevant details of the owner as the details of the owner are hidden, there is no contact number, and the email address is also hidden.

Alexa Rating: The site ranks 4800151 worldwide, which is very low.

Kimberley cheating enough?

Kimborle is an online fashion store that offers a diverse collection of clothing for men and women. They sell men’s and women’s clothing at affordable prices. The store also offers attractive discounts on purchases. They handle the following garments:




a coat.


Features of Kimberley Store

Company Address: Suite 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Abbeyland South, Navan, Meath, C15 DD72, Ireland

Shipping Policy: The company did not mention anything related to shipping policy or shipping charges.

The recalled products raise the question of whether Kimborli is a scam, as the website makes no mention of a customer feedback section.

Return Policy: The company page mentions an easy 30-day return policy.

Payment methods: There is no information related to payment methods on the website.


The company has a 30-day return policy.

This site has a wide variety of products.

negative light

This site is not on any social network.

This website does not mention any payment method on its official page.

There is no comments section on the page.

The owner’s name and phone number are not listed on the page.


Stores mention privacy policies, shipping policies, and return and refund details. But some important information is still on the page, including payment method, shipping cost, reimbursement rate, tracking facility, etc. The site has a 3 star rating on Google, with all positive ratings indicating a suspicious nature. Also, there are no reviews on the official page of the site and no reliable Google ratings. So all the above details make buyers tempted.

Alexa ratings and trust on the counter are also low; therefore, we cannot recommend the site to buyers. To learn more about the Kimberley Key and credit card fraud, read the full article.

final decision

After completing our Kimberly review, we found that the site had poor Alexa and trust scores six months ago; therefore, we were unable to determine its legitimacy. To learn more about PayPal scams, keep reading this article. look at it.

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