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Read Exclusive Facts About Piquant.Shop Scam or Legit? Also read about Piquant.Shop features and customer reviews.

Looking for some great US e-commerce deals after the holidays? Want to familiarize yourself with Picant.Shop and read reviews?

Piquant DotShop is a commercial electronics store that sells kitchenware and housewares. Picant copies the design and content of The similarity of the names of the two websites suggests that Picant is misusing the brand. Look at it. Is a scam or is it legit?

Is picketing legal?

About Picant.Shop:




Check out Pickent.Shop customers:

In the end: Scam or Legit – FAQs

Is picketing legal?

Posted: February 15, 2023 at 05:41:2

The selected validity period is 7 days.

Picent last updated: February 15, 2023 6:13:51 AM.

The maximum deadline is 7:15:22 am on January 10,

The selected validity period is 1 year and 1 day.

Confidence Index – 1.9%.

The trading rating is 1.9%.

Alexa Rating – Zero

Domain rights wrong 1/100.

Origin: Arizona, USA

The probability of finding a suspicious location is 28%.

The risk profile is 83%.

The phishing rate is 46%.

The rate of faulty software is 38%.

The spam rating is 83%.

Blacklist Status – Picent is not blacklisted.

Connection Secure – Paycent uses a secure HTTPS connection.

SSL Status – IP A low domain SSL certificate for the next 83 days.

Relationship – not specified.

The owner’s identity and contact details are hidden using a paid voice internet censorship service, according to the piquant dotshop review.

About Picant.Shop:

Picent aims to improve the quality of life by providing affordable products. 

But its mission was stolen from Picentt sells eighteen products including:

A bird feeder



Rattan dish

complete nutrition

gymnastics ball

Suna’s house

Kitchen paper



The owner of the drink

Two boxes

Close the table

An open seat

Kitchen island,

Career and.



Prices ranged from $51.10 to $68.90.

Guarantee – Including Money Back Guarantee

Real Address: 595 Loudon Rd, Latham, NY-12110 Found fake item stolen from Scam or legit address?

Company Number – Not specified.

The email address is [Email Protected] corporate email

Phone number (or) WhatsApp number – not specified

Terms & Conditions – Mentioned in photos but stolen.

Privacy Policy – Not specified

Explore the stores – not in Picken

Delivery Policy – Not specified

Sales Policy – Paycent fulfills orders within two days. Shipping includes $100 insurance.

Career Information – USPS.

Tracking is not available on PicNet.

Blocking Policy – Not specified

Consolidation Fee – Not specified

Return Policy – Paycent supports returns within 14 days. Returns must be authorized by email to [email protected].

Free returns available

Exchange Policy – Not specified

Return Policy – Final Sale Returnable and exchangeable items are non-refundable.

The reimbursement schedule is not specified

The return method is not specified.

The method of payment is not specified

Newsletter – Picant not published. Negative comments on piquant dotshop reviews. Fraud or the law?

Support and Questions – Paycent is not supported.


Free shipping on all orders placed within the United States.

Piscent offers goods at reduced prices after spring.


Due to poor inventory control and Picant’s logic, customers can order unlimited quantities of the same product.

Invalid validation parameter

Excellent piquant user interface, no product categorization, search, sorting. and filter settings

Hidden product pages were found.

Up to 65% discount.

There are samples and pictures of the products.

Piscent customer service is annoying.

Picken’s money back guarantee is bogus a

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