Bomboloni Volcano {April 2022} Grab The Recipe Here!

Do you know who invented the famous bomboloni dish? What is this Bomboloni? Bomboloni was originally invented in Tuscany, Italy. This dish looks like a donut, but it’s different from a donut.

Vulcan Bomboloni is an advanced form of donut filled with Jelly that comes out when pierced. This dish is very popular in Canada and the United States. If you want to cook Bomboloni Volcano at home, you can find the recipe and procedure in this article. History of Volcano Bombolo.

In the past, Bomboloni was a popular dish in Italy. In the 17th century, this dish was created by the Italians, and with a little progress and experience, a new version of Bomboloni was invented, which included jelly, preserves, sweet cream, etc.

This donut filling becomes a mess, and the texture of the jelly inside the donut and the donut cracking and jelly-like stuff coming out. Hence it was called Vulcan.

What are the ingredients for a bomboloni recipe?

Bomboloni can be made with very few ingredients:

Sugar for sweetness.

Oil for frying and greasing the dough.

Vanillin essence to add flavor to the batter.

Two tablespoons of yeast.

2-3 eggs.

Half a glass of milk

Bread flour and plain wheat flour.

A cup of extra cream or any flavor, such as jelly filling.

These are some of the main ingredients used to make Bomboloni. Most of the ingredients you already have at home, and you can buy them at any grocery store. Using these ingredients in the right proportions allows you to make Bomboloni.

The sequence of formation of the Bomboloni volcano.

First, mix equal proportions of the two types of flour in a Large Bowl. Then add two tablespoons of yeast and sugar to taste. Mix everything with a spatula. Now add 2-3 eggs and a few cubes of oil, and additionally warm water to make a soft and even dough.

After kneading the dough, let it rest for about 10 minutes. You will see after 10 minutes; the dough will be very smooth and soft. Now cut the dough into small round pieces, fill and fill again. Your Bomboloni recipe is ready to bake. Add butter or oil to a pan and gently place the Bomboloni into the oil. Fry it until it turns light dark brown. Your dish is now ready to serve. 


Bomboloni is a delicious dessert invented by the Italians, and further additions and rests have enhanced its flavor and taste. You can see all the information on how to do this in this article.


Have you tried making bomboloni? Tell us what you think about this dish and whether you like it. You can also search Bomboloni Volcano recipe with picture

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