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Melody Heard was born on October 30, 2011. Melody is now (as of 2022) 11 years old. American celebrity child actors and social media personalities. She is best known for playing Kevin Hart’s daughter Maddie Loughlin in the Netflix film Fatherhood. He also starred in The Big Rock (2019) and Battle of Them (2021). He started his career with the movie Hard Rock Fast.

Today, Princess Melody Vicki Melody is living her life. You can learn more about Melody Family Relationship Work, Lifestyle Melody Net Worth.

Who is Melody Heard?

Melody Heard is an American professional child actress. The model is a TV personality, social media influencer and Instagram star from Maryland, USA. She is known locally for her great looks and modeling skills. As cast member Melody Washington, we’re in the Washington D.C. spoof, Entertainment Tonight; He has appeared in several movies and TV series including “The Big Rock.”


She’s here after playing the lead role of Gracie Emory in the horror TV series Them. Melody has walked in the JWJ Fashion Show and other children’s style shows.


Melody Hard Short Case

Melody Heard was born on October 30, 2011. This version of the child actor and social media influencer hails from the US state of Maryland. When Melody was 6, she appeared on the Washington TV show. Melody is now 11 years old.


I started acting in the theater at an early age. Also, it appears to be involved in various survival indicators and reward functions. Melody rose to fame after starring in the Netflix series Fatherhood. So we can dive deeper.


Melody Hard Era:

Melody Heard was born on October 30, 2011. Melody is now (as of 2022) 11 years old. American celebrity child actors and social media personalities.


I was born into a wealthy family. She is part of a family and according to her Instagram profile Melody Heard is the second daughter of her parents. Her father, Fred Hurd II, is a social media influencer. Instead, her mother, Nisha Heard, is the impersonator, and as colleagues talk about her siblings, she is the sister in the family.


She loves spending time with her family and going to special places. The family may have become a traveler. According to sources, Melody’s family is of African descent and has a Christian background. Like the first day of the tune. His miracle sign is Scorpio.


Melody is a tough class

Talking about her training, Melody attends a local private school near her hometown. It also focuses on the artwork. Melody Hard is currently one of the most popular child actresses and models in America.


Melody Hard’s appearance


Over time, Melody’s popularity has grown day by day as she continues to trend and upload dance videos. Since 2015, her mother has trained her in dance, which has led to several modeling jobs and separated her business.


Melody began her modeling career. She seems to have great modeling skills and advises the kids on what to prepare for. Melody played Janice in the film. Following that film, she starred opposite Kevin Hart in Netflix’s ‘Father’ as Maddie Loughlin.


He’s from Georgia. She also attended the JWJ fashion show in Atlanta. She also shared fond memories on her social media. Melody is also featured in many magical writings.


A movie scene where the melody is heard:

According to IMDB, Melody On Screen made her television debut in the 2017 series We Are Washington.


He has not disclosed his private life in any way. He’s also her way of compensating for the things she likes and wasting time in her relationship. For now, I’m assuming Melody Hard is single.


At his peak, he was less likely to be in a relationship. He loves his family and friends. She loves to play with her friends and has participated in children’s modeling competitions with her best friend, Ray Shawn.


Melody Hurd wins and wins.

In 2021, she shared the screen with pundits like Shahid Wright Joseph.

Grab Emory was played by Ashley Thomas, Alison Bell, and Deborah Ivorinda.

His properties were sold for $1.2 million each.

She has participated in many modeling competitions.

She also attended the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has a huge fan following on more than one social network.

He appeared on The Ellen Show in 2016.

Hearing the melody is pure wealth.

Since its release, Melody has gained huge fans and fame through talent shows and residency appearances. Everyone started to like his work and there was a steady stream of films to benefit from his efforts. Melody Hard has a net worth of around $1.2 million and earns her income from being an actress and model.


Fun facts about audiobook melodies;

Melody Heard was born in Maryland, USA, but she currently resides in Washington DC.

His career as Kadasha began in the short film Big Rock, directed by Colin Trevorrow.

In 2019, director Patrick Rossier decided to cast her in her role as Janice in his film ‘Deception’.

She first made waves when she played Gracie Emory in 2021’s Dumbo.

She shared the screen with Shahid Wright Joseph and Ashley Thomas in the 10-part series.

Her older sister, Lyric Hard, is also a learner.

Melody Hurd’s photo.


The last thing Melody hears;

Approved satisfactorily by Manifesto and Mozart in the Jungle.

On May 18, 2015, her mom and dad shared their first photo with her sister Lyric Hurd and her boyfriend Ray Shawn.

Melody is not always socially flexible. While active on her Instagram, her account is managed by her mother, Nisha Hurd.

Melody loves photography, events, and clothing gifts.

Melody was produced by Terry B. Talent & Mood Management in New York.

He supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

He appeared on The Ellen Show in 2016.



Despite Melody Heard’s fame in her family both in the film industry and in modeling, Melody pursued a career of her own. At a young age, she built her reputation for her good looks and her passion for modeling and showed that everyone loved her. There is no doubt that you can get a distributed trend at this rate.

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