4 traditional types and designs of Gujarati sarees with styling advice

4 traditional types and designs of Gujarati sarees with styling advice

India, a nation steeped in rich culture and heritage, is diverse and unique in terms of its culture, language, food, and dress. Every state has a unique history, culture, and population to share. Food, music, or even the clothing they produce may be a way to do it. Every Indian state has a distinct sense of style that tells the history of the people and the landscape. Gujarat is no different; it too has a tale to tell!

Gujarati sarees are a prime example of the rich hues and true cultural expression of the state. The intricate and varied traditional designs of Gujarati sarees, which reflect the state’s varied culture and faiths, make it easy to recognise the state’s charms and infectious vitality. Many ladies prize Gujarati sarees for their longevity as well as the special weaving skills needed to create the traditional designs and motifs.

These genuine, high-quality Gujarati sarees available in a variety of styles to meet the growing demand of saree lovers. In this site, you’ll find some of the Gujarati saree styles that women all around the nation like for their beauty and wealth. Now let’s get started!

Gujarati saree varieties:

1. Sarees in Gujarati patola

One of the most well-liked varieties of saree in Gujarat is the patola. Typically, patola sarees have vivid hues that especially highlight the motifs of the sarees. They are well recognised for the elaborate motifs and patterns that are displayed all over the saree as well as the ikat method used to dye the colour onto the cloth.

The motifs and patterns on the Gujarati patola sarees range from flowers, elephants, birds, and more. This item is highly pricey since it is regarded as a masterpiece and a work of art. Patola sarees are ideal for many events, from weddings to informal celebrations.

Did you realise? An average patola saree takes 4 to 6 months to make.

2. Gharchola saris from Gujarat

One of the most well-known Gujarati traditional sarees available is the gharchola saree, which features complex checks, stripes, and motifs woven with silk. According to their customary belief and wedding ritual, the bride’s in-laws are said to have given her a Gujarati gharchola saree as a present to wear at the conclusion of the wedding.

This gharchola saree from Gujarat is ideal for a wedding since it is crafted with exquisite workmanship and dexterity and offers a fantastic selection of vibrant bridal colours including maroon, scarlet, and

yellow. Every woman should have a traditional Gujarati gharchola saree in her wardrobe so she may steal the show on any occasion like a pro.

3. Saris made of Gujarati panetar silk

A silk saree with zari work, motifs, and embroidery is known as a panetar saree. Unlike gharchola sarees, panetar silk sarees are given to brides by their maternal uncle and worn by them at the start of the wedding as per tradition.

The style and texture of this saree, which represents both elegance and purity, give it a very distinct Gujarati appearance. The saree’s pallu contains elaborate designs and many artistic patterns and motifs to enhance the attractiveness of the garment as a whole. Panetar silk sarees for weddings are the greatest option among the several varieties of Gujarati sarees, especially for brides who want to instantly attract everyone’s attention.

4. Bandhani sarees from Gujarat

In Gujarat and other regions of India, bandhani sarees are well-known examples of traditional Gujarati clothing. Bandhani sarees are made using a variety of vibrant colours and the tie-dye method. The patterns of the traditional Gujarati bandhani saree have now changed and are available in several contemporary iterations in order to meet the evolving demands and standards of the fashion industry. Waves, stripes, dots, and squares are just a few of the designs on the sarees.

For decades, ladies have adorned themselves with these sarees for important ceremonies like weddings and festivals. The saree has an aristocratic feel thanks to the sequins and stitching. Another prominent feature of bandhani sarees is its use of many materials, including silk, cotton, and chiffon.

View the 14 distinct saree varieties from all throughout India.

Tips for designing a Gujarati saree

  • For a rich and upscale saree appearance, choose a wider border with golden zari embroidery.
  • To achieve the authentic Gujarati appearance, try the siddha pallu drape, a traditional Gujarati saree draping technique.
  • The Gujarati saree may be accessorised with large nose rings, necklaces, bindis, and jhumkas to complete the aesthetic.
  • A gajra, combined with dramatic eye makeup and dark, strong lipstick, will work extremely well with the complete Gujarati style.
  • Depending on the colour of the saree, you can choose a plain blouse or one with ornate motifs.

Last but not least, the confidence is what gives the entire appearance life, more so than the clothing or the accessories, when it comes to pulling off any style. Make sure to wear your confidence on your sleeves, women.

Other lovely saree draping styles from many other Indian states are also worth a try, in addition to the Siddha pallu draping method


Gujarati sarees definitely have a distinctive quality that draws attention from everyone and tempts them to finally purchase one of the Gujarati saree kinds. These sarees are unique in that they provide saree enthusiasts with a huge selection of patterns and motifs.

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