6 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server For Your Website in India

6 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server For Your Website in India

Every business owner in India who relies heavily on their website makes it a priority to have a dependable and quick website. The looks and design of a website are important things, but in order to make a successful website, you need to host it on a server that provides it with enough resources for better and smoother performance. There are many web hosting services available in the market, but if you have a big-scale business website, you should choose a dedicated server in India.

Once your website is prepared and ready to go online, it requires a server to be presented online. However, most users choose a shared server as their primary hosting since it’s cheap and managed by a hosting provider. But it comes with many flaws and cannot help your website grow further. And once your website starts to receive a large amount of visitor traffic, it becomes very difficult for the shared server to provide enough resources. 

So you must upgrade to better server options for a smooth website. A india dedicated server could be a very good option for website hosting. This article will tell you why a cheap dedicated server can be the best option to host your website in India.

6 Reasons Why a Dedicated Server in India is Best For Website Hosting

1. Dedicated Resources

A dedicated server is usually known as a single-tenant server. Because the resources and features of a dedicated server in India are solely dedicated to a single website, and as a single user you will get exclusive use of-

  • Disk Space
  • CPU Usage
  • Bandwidth
  • RAM

Moreover, since there is no other website that shares your server’s resources, you can easily scale your website. 

2. Improves Speed

A dedicated server comes with the highest resources in India, and it helps a website with fast loading and performance. A faster loading speed is very important for a website for many reasons. 

  • Fast website loading speed reduces the bounce rate
  • Fast loading improves the overall SEO score of your website
  • A fast loading Improves user experience

3. Easy Customization

An India dedicated server gives you complete control over the server, and you can customize it according to your needs and comfort. You can adjust many hardware specifications that you can’t do in a shared hosting environment. 

  • You can install or remove any software, Oreatyings, and tools
  • Change in server specifications 
  • Change in control panel and set-up functions
  • Breathe backups and install firewalls for security.

4. High Uptime Guarantee 

When you host your website on a shared server, you need to understand that your website can handle only a limited amount of traffic. Additionally, if unexpected traffic spikes happen, the website’s performance will suffer, and your server may either slow down or crash. 

However, with dedicated server hosting in India, you will get flexible resources, and whenever your website faces sudden traffic spikes, it will provide resources according to the website’s requirements. So a dedicated server helps maintain high uptime. 

5. Security

Indian businesses that have strict security requirements frequently use dedicated servers. Health-related websites, e-commerce businesses where customers conduct routine financial transactions, etc. are prime examples of those types of businesses that use a cheap dedicated server in India. 

The reason they prefer dedicated hosting is that it provides a lot of security features that other hosting services lack.

  • you have full control over the server
  • you can eliminate unused applications and software from it 
  • You can also install security firewalls. 
  • You can scan your server for any malicious files
  • you can also create a backup of your data

6. Managed Services 

There are two types of dedicated servers available in India: managed and unmanaged. With unmanaged hosting, you will get a server, and you have to do all maintenance tasks and customizations on your server. This will consume a lot of time, and you also have to have enough knowledge to manage your server. 

However, if you are not tech-savvy and don’t have enough time to manage your server, you can buy a managed dedicated server in India. In this hosting service, the service provider will manage your server. It’s their responsibility to manage your server. However, it is a bit more expensive than unmanaged hosting but it comes with many benefits-

  • Saves you time that you can invest somewhere else
  • Your server will be managed by experienced technical experts
  • There will be no delay in security updates
  • You can contact your service provider’s customer support for any additional requirement


A dedicated server can be an all-in-one solution for all your website needs in India. Because it provides everything that a website needs to grow and maintain stability. However, finding the best-dedicated server plan in India can be a very tough task because there are so many providers that offer so many plans and packages of dedicated servers.

So you have to consider many things while choosing a dedicated server if you want a hassle-free web hosting solution. Look at how much uptime your service provider is offering, check how good their customer support is, and many more things.

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