Enrica Cenzatti: Andrea Bocelli’s Former Wife and Family Life

In the world of renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, his exceptional vocal talent has captivated audiences worldwide. Alongside his successful career, Bocelli’s personal life has also garnered attention. Among his notable relationships is his former marriage to enrica cenzatti, which played a significant role in shaping his family life. In this article, we delve into the story of Enrica Cenzatti, their relationship, and the impact it had on Andrea Bocelli’s life and career.

Meeting and Marriage

Andrea Bocelli and Enrica Cenzatti tied the knot in 1992 after dating for several years. Their union resulted in the birth of two sons, Amos and Matteo, who brought immense joy to their lives. During their decade-long marriage, Enrica stood by Andrea’s side as he embarked on his musical journey, supporting him both personally and professionally.

Life Together

Andrea and Enrica’s life together was marked by a shared love for music and the arts. As Bocelli’s career flourished, Enrica provided a solid foundation for their family, ensuring their children were well cared for while Andrea pursued his passion. The couple created a nurturing and supportive environment, fostering the growth and development of their children.

Musical Collaborations

During their marriage, Andrea Bocelli and enrica cenzatti‘s lives intertwined with Andrea’s musical collaborations. While Enrica did not pursue a professional career in music, her presence and support were influential in shaping Andrea’s artistic endeavors. Together, they witnessed and celebrated the milestones of his remarkable musical journey.

Life’s Changes

As life often takes unexpected turns, Andrea and Enrica’s marriage reached a crossroads, and they decided to part ways. Despite their separation, they remained committed to co-parenting their children, ensuring their well-being and happiness above all else. The strength of their enduring bond as parents became a testament to their deep love and mutual respect.

The Future Unfolds

After their divorce, Andrea Bocelli continued to pursue his passion for music while Enrica Cenzatti embraced a new chapter in her life. As individuals, they each embarked on separate paths, seeking personal fulfillment and growth. Although their lives took different directions, the legacy of their relationship remains intertwined through the love they share for their children.

Andrea Bocelli’s Present Family Life

Following his divorce from Enrica Cenzatti, Andrea Bocelli found love once again. In 2014, he married Veronica Berti, his longtime manager, and partner. Together, they have a daughter named Virginia, adding another joyful chapter to Andrea’s life and expanding his family.


Enrica Cenzatti played an integral role in Andrea Bocelli’s life, supporting him during the formative years of his career and sharing the joys and challenges of their family life. Their shared experiences, love, and dedication continue to shape Andrea’s personal and artistic journey. While their paths have diverged, the bond formed during their marriage remains a cherished part of Andrea Bocelli’s life story.

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