Procrastination To Productivity: Tips For Self-Motivation To Study

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Procrastination refers to the action of delaying an urgent task for no logical reason. It acts as a barrier in the lives of numerous learners on the path to acing their academic life. We all know how hard a student’s life generally is, and getting the self-motivation to study is even more challenging. From attending lectures to exam preparation and composing assignments, accomplishing educational tasks has become an uphill struggle for pupils. And then a monster in the form of procrastination further adds fuel to the fire.


Many pupils who decide to have the most productive day of their life end up squandering their time on useless stuff. They don’t even realize when checking a notification turns into an hour-long scrolling on socials. Hence, if you’re a procrastinator and relate to this scenario, we present eight tips for becoming the most productive student in 2023.

8 Proven Tips To Get Self-Motivation To Study


  1. Find Out What Makes You Procrastinate

There are various reasons why students procrastinate on a particular academic task. So, you have to find the cause behind your delay. Getting to the root cause helps to deal with the problem in the best way possible. You may not be working on a particular assignment as it is boring or beyond your capabilities.

In another case, you may be waiting for the perfect timing to get rolling. Or the complexities of the homework make you feel jittery and muddled over where to get started. Hence, take some time to reflect on the situation and discover your reason for the delay. Only then can you determine which tips will work best for you.

  1. Break Down The Giant Task Into Chunks

The enormous task ahead of the students often seems so overwhelming to them. They avoid challenging situations rather than face them and overcome their fears. Hence, they keep delaying when it is no longer possible, and then they take the help of the assignment help UAE. Students are generally on a shoestring budget, so taking assistance from professional homework writers isn’t always possible. So, the key is to break down the arduous task into small chunks that are easy to accomplish.

For example, it isn’t possible in a day if you have to finish reading your coursebook. So, divide the number of pages into seven days and ride a portion of it every day. This way, you wouldn’t feel burdened, learn better and be more productive and get Self-Motivation To Study.

  1. Reward Yourself

Your brain releases positive emotions when you reward yourself after accomplishing even a small chunk of work. It will lead to realizing that efforts result in a good award or return. When this activity continues, your brain automatically links pleasure to executing objectives and being productive. Hence, it will lead you towards success and give you Self-Motivation To Study.

So, reward yourself even through small gestures whenever you complete a chunk of your work. You can do it by allowing yourself something sweet or playing your favourite game for a while. You can also award yourself by watching an episode of your most-loved series after ticking off the to-do list for the day.

  1. Create A Healthy Study Habit By Setting Up A Schedule

Habits are the small actions you make and actions you perform every day. They have the power to make or break your present and future. The life you have today is the sum of your habits. So, if you want to go a long way in your academic and professional life, create healthy study habits. And one of the ways to do it is by setting up your study schedule.

Though creating a timetable may take a while, correctly and consistently practising may take longer. Research shows that developing a specific pattern requires about 20 to 30 days. So, persistently following your study schedule may take some days, but you will eventually get there if tried your best.

  1. Discover The Purpose Behind Your Academic Goals

All the students generally have some academic goals, which are usually unique. They all have different purposes and visions while setting up their educational targets. For instance, if you’re currently working towards securing your admission to your dream college, be clear about it.


List reasons behind you want to study there and pursue a degree in your desired discipline. Place that list on your writing desk and read it once whenever you feel demotivated while completing university assignment writing uae. Those written reasons will motivate you to push your boundaries to turn your vision into reality.


  1. Blow A Lively Life To Your Boring Subject

As students, we all have had that boring subject we hated the most, right? We mostly secured low grades in it as we barely understood the concepts. But was it boring, or did we close our minds to it? There is a famous quote by G.K. Chesterton: “There are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds.” And it is a fact.

So, if you find a specific discipline like Chemistry, Physics, et cetera mundane, take a different approach. Ask exciting questions towards a particular topic, such as who developed it. What problem did it solve? How would the world be if it didn’t exist? You automatically feel an eager beaver towards that dull subject when you start involving in it by asking queries.


  1. Don’t Rely Completely On Motivation

Remember – no topper or a successful student always feels motivated. Feeling constantly motivated is practically impossible. So, you can’t always rely on motivation to complete your educational tasks. It is where discipline comes into the picture, and you accomplish your academic work even if you don’t feel like doing it. Discipline can always beat motivation and help you become the most productive person.


  1. Train Your Brain

Here comes the last tip, which is linked to the above point. The best way to discipline yourself is by training your brain to take on new and trickier academic tasks. It is when you leave your comfort zone and handle work in various ways.

It may take a while to train your procrastinator brain to become a productive one.

However, you can make it happen with persistent efforts. Apart from studying, take good sleep and a healthy diet to offer rest and suitable nutrition to your brain. Playing exercises to boost your mental health will also help.


Wrap Up


These are the eight proven tips for self-motivation to study for students from our side. They will help you transform from a procrastinator to the most productive person for 2023. So, give the above tips a shot and breeze through all your academic tasks. Sharing is caring, so feel free to send this post to your study buddies to help them.

Thanks for reading!

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