How Technology Can Assist Construction Projects in Making Up for Lost Time

Construction Projects

Companies are experiencing project delays as a result of social distancing conventions and employees staying away, which are affecting the available human resources on site. Supply networks are also being hampered by lockdowns and travel restrictions. Companies are currently concerned about how to restart these projects even as some sectors of the economy start to open up. Every crisis hides an opportunity, as has been remarked. Construction businesses are now more open to exploring innovative ideas and accepting technology as a means of advancing their projects in the future thanks to this crisis.

Construction businesses are taking the opportunity to search for methods to improve timelines, fix designs, coordinate the activities of teams, and better prepare for resource and material requirements even if projects are stuck or moving slowly forward. When some kind of normalcy returns, they want to be in a position where they can start immediately. They are doing this by using technologies like building information modeling. Using technologies such as BIM at this time can benefit the construction business. BIM enables real-time communication and data exchange among team members, as well as quick access to up-to-date project information at all times and from any location. The collecting of data on ongoing but halted projects in BIM makes it simpler to .BIM offers real-time communication and data interchange among team members, as well as easy access to up-to-date project information at all times and from any place. BIM’s data collection on projects that are still in progress but have been paused makes it easier to.

In what ways might BIM contribute to time savings?

  • In order to lessen the inherent delays that inevitability sneak into the project lifecycle, the contractors are searching for cutting-edge solutions. Building project managers are making the most of the downtime to concentrate more on the preconstruction aspects of the lifecycle, such as planning and designing during this quarantine phase. Design flaws may be found and fixed with the use of BIM, which also helps designers make their work more efficient.
  • BIM may aid in promoting efficient and well-coordinated communication as well as working and design cooperation amongst design consultants, engineers, and architects. This can assist discover (and foresee) any difficulties with constructability or translating the architected concept into a working structure. This will enable the create thoughtful workarounds for mitigation. These remedies will assist lessen or eliminate the effect of the issues once the building kicks back up, saving time and effort.
  • Of course, designers can produce a thorough 3D model of the structure using BIM. It is commonly recognized that doing this enables the identification of possible conflicts that can arise throughout the building process. Detecting these incompatibilities early might help each team prepare their reaction and work better to avoid on-the-fly revisions and improvisations. They require time. Better strategies aid in reducing that time and raising output. In turn, this will aid in hastening the project development process.
  • Other built-in benefits of BIM can help schedules move along more quickly when work takes up. One example is the ordering of the materials. BIM models provide a very accurate image of what materials will be required when and in precisely what quantity. This implies that the resources can be made available for usage at the ideal moment for optimal effectiveness. The teamwork that results from having all papers organized and updated in one place is another benefit of using the BIM model. Everybody is working from the same source thanks to this single frame of reference, which eliminates misunderstandings and delays in communication.


The lack of workers in the building industry is a serious issue. However, new technologies are being developed daily to assist in its solution. Therefore, if you’re experiencing the effects of the labor crunch, it’s time to start thinking about the digital solutions your business needs to deploy so you can accomplish more with fewer employees. Learn More

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