How to Resolve QuickBooks Point of Sale Invalid Product Number?

Whether you use Quickbooks for general accounting or to promote sales, the mistake on the other side of its features is consistent. The use of Point of Sale results in the error code 176109: Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number.” There is no problem making this Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number error the most stressful period for your organization, but methods to restore your sales graph are available. However, it is unavoidable that the selling revolves around software and third-party Quickbooks interface

What does Quickbooks Error 176109 mean?

QuickBooks Point of Sale inaccurate product number, often known as QuickBooks Error 176109, is caused by an inaccurate product code or number code. This error notice indicates that the key authentication files are either corrupted or missing. The issue arises when you try to launch QuickBooks Point of Sale. QuickBooks need enough permissions to read and write files without interruption. QuickBooks may show an inaccurate product number if it does not have administrator-level clearance.

What causes QuickBooks Error 176109?

The causes of QuickBooks Invalid Product Number Error code 176109 are as follows

  • When the contents of the Point of Sale Entitlement folder are lost or destroyed.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale is installed on QuickBooks Desktop using the product code or product number. If this code is wrong, QuickBooks Error 176109 will display.
  • When the user does not have administrative-level access to the files.

Considerations Before Repairing QuickBooks Invalid Product Number

  • Identify the data in your program and create plans to back up it (this refers to Company Files). To avoid data disasters, you must complete this task before moving on to the next.
  • Incorrect product number QuickBooks might be due to a non-release of real-time maintenance. In addition to long and informative error removal sources, try to record the procedures to remedy this point in advance.
  • The folder “POS entitlement” exists on Windows with hidden folder security. To highlight the hidden folders in the window settings, search it. Then, remove it to fix the problem.
  • These measures may help you save time in significant ways.

Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number Error 176109 Repair

Here are a few workarounds for QuickBooks POS incorrect product number error 176109:

Solution 1: Delete everything in the entitlement client folder.

  • Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C: Program DataIntuitEntitlement
  • Clientv8.
  • Press Ctrl + A.
  • Then choose Delete.
  • To confirm the action, click Yes.
  • Reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale program.

Solution: Renaming the WS Activity file

  • Follow route C: Program DataIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale XXIni in Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click and select WS Activity.
  • Choose Rename.
  • Enter OLD WS Activity and save it wherever.
    Close the windows now.
  • Remove the entitlement folder from your computer.
  • Now restart QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale from scratch

If the previous options do not resolve the issue, reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale. Make a backup of the files before doing the clean install. The following are the steps to reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Step 1: Remove QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Navigate to the control panel.
  • Select Program and Features.
  • Choose QuickBooks Point of Sale from the list of Programs.
  • Then select uninstall.
  • To finish the procedure, follow the steps.

Second step: rename each Point of Sale folder.

  • OLD should be included at the end of each folder. This prevents QuickBooks from detecting the folders and allowing you to make a new one.

Step 3: Reinstall the Point of Sale system.

Install the Point of Sale by following the procedures. If you have any questions, please contact the QuickBooks Helpline.

Step 4: Restore the business files

  • Open QuickBooks Point of Sale and create a new company file. Restore the previously made backup.
  • Open the Point of Sale to see if the problem has been repaired.
  • Register QuickBooks Point of Sale once more. Learn More

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