Learning the 5 Common Laptop Repair Issues in Dubai

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Every home item is dear to us in today’s tech environment. We wait until our cell phones, laptops, and power banks are completely charged before leaving.

We do not even notice when the health of these devices damages our thoughts more than our bodies while we go about our everyday business. For instance, if your laptop breaks down unexpectedly while you are eating, you might forget about your feed and start worrying about why it isn’t working.

Let’s look at some typical laptop problems you could run into and how to fix them before you let it affect you. Because you already know what to do, you won’t need to look right away for “laptop repair near me” on a search engine.

Common laptop issues and their solutions

display becoming dark

Your laptop’s screen could occasionally go blank while other features, including the lights or noises, continue to operate normally. Given that everything on your computer appears to be functioning normally except for the screen, this issue may be extremely aggravating. Remove the battery from your laptop and try removing the power cord first. Press and hold the power button for roughly a minute, then reconnect the cable and restart your computer. Refresh the laptop after replacing the battery once again. If the process fails, you might be experiencing memory issues. Verify that the memory modules are in direct contact with the slot. It could be necessary to replace all of the memory modules.

battery frequently dies

If used regularly, a laptop’s battery can last up to 4-5 hours. Reduce the amount of open jobs first, though, if your laptop’s battery life is running down quickly. Applications suck up your battery power more and more as you utilize them. Limit the number of windows you leave open and disable Bluetooth to stop the battery in your laptop from being further depleted. Finally, turn on the “Energy Saving” mode and keep the brightness low. If you’re using Windows XP, choose “Power Options” from the “Settings” section of your control panel. Similar to this, you can adjust the brightness on a Macbook by going to “Settings” and finding “Energy Saver” under “System Preferences.”

very slow internet connection

Numerous problems, some short-term and others long-term, some involving your software and hardware and others involving your service equipment and service provider, can all contribute to slow internet. If the internet speed on your laptop suddenly drops, try unplugging the modem or router for 30 seconds, then turning it back on. Performance may also be enhanced by restarting your computer and closing any open programmed. Additionally, it is advisable to speak with your computer professionals to learn more about any potential network concerns.

Keyboard not working

Have you ever encountered a frustrating circumstance when you needed to add a few letters or the keyboard was showing the wrong characters? Then, as keys can be stuck, we advise you to remove the keycaps and properly clean them. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you could need a new keyboard. Take care when removing your keyboard or keys because it is simple to harm your computer. With Mac keys, it’s different because each key has its own part. Apple also sells individual keys and replaces entire keyboards.

Overheating of a laptop battery

Your system may freeze or crash if your laptop overheats frequently. Undoubtedly, all laptops and PCs generate heat, but these later devices commonly overheat because of their small size and lack of ventilation. Additionally, excessive dust buildup might block air vents, preventing cold air from getting to your cooling system. To help you solve the overheating issue, we advise you to wipe your vent with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner. Update your system’s BIOS, which controls the hardware in your laptop, if it still doesn’t work.


These are some typical problems that every user of a laptop or computer encounters. Try to solve any of them independently using the strategies listed above before seeking assistance. Otherwise, find a professional by doing a search for “laptop repair Dubai.” For more information, call 045864033.


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