MCM Glasses Trends That Complement Oval Face Shapes


Spectacles are often overlooked when it comes to improving one’s appearance, but we believe they shouldn’t be. This is due to the fact that wearing a pair of spectacles is just as simple to accomplish as using a bold lip color or an eye-catching liner to change up your look. The frames you choose have a significant impact on how you seem, whether you wear glasses frequently, occasionally, or just for fun.

A variety of elements influences your appearance, including the shape, color, and style of your frames, so knowing your face type and having a broad idea of what you want will help the shopping process go more smoothly. The most important component is motivation, which is all that is required.

Many people ask whether round spectacles would work for oval faces and which types of MCM Glasses would look best on this face type. In addition, a lot of people mistakenly think that round faces are the same as oval ones. If you have similar questions, keep reading this article. First, let’s define what an oval facial shape involves.

How to recognize an oval face shape?

Higher, slightly wider cheekbones that gradually get narrower towards the forehead and jaw distinguish an oval-shaped face. This form is well known for having balanced elements. Avoid thin frames or frames with extensive design elements if you have an oval-shaped face because they can needlessly lengthen your facial shape. Remember that these are only recommendations and not binding guidelines. Wearing accessories that make you joyful is vital.

MCM eyeglasses for oval face shape

When choosing prescription glasses, you have the benefit of being able to select from a large selection of frame types. The majority of eyewear styles will flatter your oval face, but you must be careful that the glasses you choose don’t upset the harmony of your features. Avoid putting on bulky MCM eyeglasses frames that could give your face an unbalanced appearance.


  • Square eyeglasses

Square glasses are more widely used than before. The desire for square vintage shapes has increased as a result of the 1970s fashion comeback. will provide acetate variations of these types in a variety of color schemes to make sure you can find a square design that appeals to you. Although men are more likely to wear this style, ladies also like it.

  • Round glasses

If you have an oval face, round spectacles are a stylish option. This trend is to combine mainstream fashion with geek-chic aesthetics to produce a unisex look. We have a lot of designer-rounded frames on our page. This design is offered in prescription sunglasses as well.

  • Rectangular glasses

Because they are gender-neutral, rectangular glasses are a preferred style. A rectangular form is a common shape found in the collection of many companies. You can select from a range of options, such as vivid colors, patterns, or traditional neutral tones like black, depending on your preferences. One of our most popular rectangle mcm glasses men is called MCM MCM2711.

  • Cat-eyeglasses

We have cat eye eyeglasses designs that come in a variety of sizes and forms. Which one best suits your preferences are up to you to decide. Although it has always been seen as a more feminine look, men are starting to adopt it as well. We advise women who appreciate vintage eyewear to look at our mcm eyeglasses collection. Translucent frames are ideal for you if you want to add a contemporary touch. In addition, a few modest retro fashions from the 1990s are reappearing. We also provide favored bigger cat-eye MCM glasses frames womens.

  • Browline eyeglasses

A dependable choice is glasses with a browline appearance. The added bridge makes them look better and makes them ideal for both men and women. A thin plastic or metal frame is best if you have an oval-shaped face. However, make sure the size of the glasses is greater than or equivalent to the length of your forehead and cheeks.

Oval-faced people may find it difficult to make decisions because there are so many alternatives available to them when choosing eyewear. However, purchasing glasses can be made simpler by keeping in mind all of this style of advice. In the end, any favorite pair of glasses will look good on an oval face shape.


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