Revolution Of Marketing Landscape In The Last Decade

revolution of marketing

Marketing is the process of informing, influencing, and communicating with your audience. In the last ten years, marketing has witnessed a significant change. From a simple process of producing awareness through print media to a complete shift of focus on digital tools like websites and social media, the transformation has been quite prominent. The past years were a big breakthrough in marketing trends. TV and print marketing are not that popular after the revolution, and customers are now more aware of the products and the brand. This blog covers the revolution of marketing and the major changes that happened in the last decade. So let’s read on!

The Key Elements That Played A Crucial Role In Revolutionizing Marketing

The Rise Of Social Media Has Provided A New Life To Marketing

One of the most noteworthy revolutions in marketing has been the efficient growth of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are now an essential part of our lives to gain awareness about different products and market trends. Before these platforms, in the pre-marketing era, the focus of marketers was on print and broadcast media such as newspapers, magazines, and television.

Now social media helps in providing businesses and brands with new ways to connect and engage with their potential and existing consumers. The ability to build a specific target audience according to demographics, run specific advertisement campaigns, and unique user-generated content has completely changed the way brands build relationships with their customers and aware them of new products and services.

Email Marketing Has Been A Game Changer For The Past Ten Years 

We all have heard of email marketing; it was introduced in 2012 as a strong advertising tool. It has undoubtedly played an important role in the marketing revolution over the past years. Although with the growth of social platforms as the new marketing medium, email marketing has remained a go-to option for different brands to achieve their branding goals. Apart from engagement, it has enabled marketers to tailor their audience and give personalized messages to them.

In the past, there was only one way to do personalized interaction with your customers by direct mailing. But now, with digital advancements, you can craft custom-tailored messages and target every client based on their profiles, preferences, and past experiences. For example, many ebook writers do email marketing nowadays to send offers to readers according to their reading history. This indicates that using email has taken advertising to the next level and is a main factor in the revolution.

Change From Traditional To Digital Content Creation

Traditional content creation and advertising ways, such as TVCs, radio ads, and print ads, have become less effective. They are now not a good option to get the attention of today’s young, tech-savvy consumers. Hence, digital content creation has emerged as an alternative to traditional methods. The present content marketing focuses on creating valuable, informative, and unique content to attract more audiences and keep them hooked. By providing useful information, solutions, and entertainment to consumers through digital content like videos, reels, and more, businesses are strengthening themselves. The change in promotional strategies has allowed them to compete with other brands and capture their consumers more effectively.

The Emergence Of Influencer Marketing In Past Years

Influencer marketing has played a transformative role in the revolution of marketing that has occurred in the past few years. Social media platforms have been getting increasingly popular, where famous influencers have fans and followers in thousands and even millions. Therefore, marketing methods have evolved from celebrity endorsement and testimonials to brand ambassadors and influencers.

Now brands prefer influencers to market their products as they have more persuading power over the consumers. People follow influencers and feel that their content is unique and genuine. Influencer marketing has increased a good amount of sales for brands as it is highly effective in customer decisions. At present, consumers feel more connected to the brands and trust them easily.

Better Focus On Customer Service Has Changed The Marketing

In the past ten years, one big change is that brands are now more focused on delivering good customer service. At present, it is key to build long-term and loyal relations with consumers. In the past, the marketing approach was limited to products or services. However, as per the current trends, there is a lot of focus on customer experience. Marketing has shifted towards understanding the customers’ needs. Whenever an author acquires book marketing services, the marketers first analyze the targeted audience and come up with a personalized strategy that develops their interest and satisfies their needs.


Marketing has been essential for brands and customers for many decades. In the past, the focus was on traditional methods, but the drastic revolution of marketing in the last ten years has introduced different techniques like email marketing, social media, and the digitalization of businesses. The blog was focused on describing the major shift that took place in the marketing world and tell people how things evolved in the last decade or so.

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