Social Entrepreneurship by Arthur Freydin

Arthur Freydin
Arthur Freydin, entrepreneurship in the United States of America is focusing on identifying social issues. Bringing about changes through entrepreneurial ideas methods, processes, and operations. It is about researching to explain a particular social issue in detail and after that organizing, establishing, and directing a social movement to bring about the desired result. A social issue may be eliminate in the course of reform. Itis an ongoing process that is focused on improving the present situation. Traditional business entrepreneurship involves creating the opportunity to create a completely new business. To diversify the established one, social business is focused on creating social capital, instead of profiting through return in terms of dollars. It doesn’t disqualify the necessity of making a profit. Entrepreneurs require funds to carry on their journey and to effect positive social transformation. According to Arthur Freydin, Along with the social aspects, social entrepreneurship is a concern for environmental issues. For instance, child rights foundations, waste treatment facilities, and women’s development organizations are examples of social projects. Working for non-profit or non-governmental organizations that increase the amount of money they receive through events and social activities are examples of social entrepreneurs.

What do social entrepreneurs do?

Social entrepreneurs generally achieve the aim of adding value to society and creating income (if there isn’t wealth). Generally, their solutions should be original, unique, and people- and environment-friendly; cost-effectiveness also becomes a significant concern. Each of these is the obstacle that hampers the growth of social businesses, but those that are able to scale are the ones that could create a significant impact! These are the companies that benefit people, society, and the planet. Social entrepreneurs are often in contact with those who are at the lower rungs of the economic ladder and thus, they benefit most from the bottom of the pyramid. In the same way, social enterprises help those who are less fortunate by providing them with the opportunity to earn income. Arthur Freydin says that social companies do not function in the same way that companies or private businesses do. They offer an environment for work that is flexible and attracts a variety of individuals. The work can be short-term as well as long-term. Focus on a particular group of workers and/or geographic group, or disabled people.

The rise of social entrepreneurs

There are many reasons behind the rising popularity of social business. Basic-level entrepreneurs and their tales about how and why they work are incredibly engaging and attractive. People are attract to social entrepreneurs because of the same reasons as they are attracting. They come up with imaginative ideas and succeed in creating new products and services that greatly make a difference in people’s lives. The enthusiasm for social enterprise goes far beyond the concept of fame and intrigue. The desire to bring about social change is manifested through social entrepreneurship. It’s the end result, along with its long-term, transformative effect on society, that separates the field and the individuals who are involved in it.

Advantages of Social Entrepreneurs

There are entrepreneur-specific benefits to establishing a social venture, such as: It is much easier for social enterprises to raise money. Government offers significant incentives and programs for this purpose. The business of investing in this particular country is a responsible business the ability to raise cash at low rates is not difficult. It’s also very easy to promote and market these organizations. Because a problem in society is being solved with an answer, it’s more likely to attract the public’s attention and the media’s interest. The distinct characteristics of the solution are often what determines the amount of media coverage. Because the business is socially-oriented that is social, getting support from similar people is easier. The process of hiring employees at lower wages than those of other companies is also straightforward.

Benefits for Society from social entrepreneurs

Additionally, certain advantages are specific to the place as well as the society and individuals that are. A few of them can be described according to the following criteria: In whatever form they are offered and in whatever form, are more suited to the needs of the person who is receiving them, or to the circumstances. The goal is to be harmonious with all other systems including the surrounding environment as well as the society or individual. As per Arthur Freydin, social businesses have a low price as a further advantage. The solutions that they offer, in the form of products or services, are priced reasonably compare. To similar offerings offered by a profit-making company. Organizations, basic needs such as education and healthcare have become to be affordable for people from all over the world. Microfinance, for instance, currently serves the poorest among the poor! Companies consider social responsibility an integral part of their business operations few truly want to be a positive influence. It’s an instrument to boost earnings There is a rising demand to be aware of it and aid and support people who really are looking to contribute value. Social entrepreneurship has gained popularity over the past few times, and an increasing amount of people embracing it. An environment of healthy competition, and top graduates have a tendency to leave their lucrative jobs in order to work and make a difference in society.


According to Arthur Freydin, by using the power of their companies to tackle social issues economically, they encourage social change and innovation. They are distinguish by their desire to generate social benefits a shrew way of corporate. They are able to approach the creation of value for society with a constant focus on learning and outreach using entrepreneurship and communication skills. Social Entrepreneurship works with non-profit organizations to make a social impact and acquire skills and expertise from business institutions.
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