Top 10 Sales Training Companies to Watch in 2023

sales training companies

High-quality sales training and enablement are vital for the success of any B2B business today. Profound knowledge, skills, and motivation are paramount to build a highly productive and agile sales workforce. Traditional sales training is no longer enough to steer the team toward the lofty goals and objectives of modern-day businesses. Ensuring the desired competitiveness, dynamism, and adaptability is only possible with tech-enabled sales training and sales enablement solutions. It includes a strategic mix of virtual training, tech demos, on-the-job training, field/telesales/digital sales training, and so on.

Collaborating with Sales Training Companies

B2B businesses are increasingly relying on sales training companies to boost sales productivity. Here are 10 important reasons to invest in professional sales training and enablement services:-

  1. Improves the skills and knowledge of sales representatives for effective selling.
  2. Provides a holistic understanding of the sales process, industry trends, and the customer psyche to achieve higher sales targets.
  3. Effective communication and negotiation skills help in closing deals profitably and swiftly.
  4. Imparts sales executives with rapport-building skills to garner repeat sales from existing customers.
  5. The right training methods keep the sales team highly motivated and reduce attrition rates.
  6. Assists salespersons in providing high-quality after-sales services for customer retention.
  7. Sales training companies help B2B businesses to become lean, data-driven, competitive, and retain the top talent in the market.
  8. Familiarises teams with new sales tools and technology, followed by making them proficient and adaptable to further technological developments.
  9. By building a robust sales force, the right training helps businesses acquire a distinct edge over competitors.
  10. Fosters seamless coordination between sales, marketing, and CRM teams for unified resource sharing, prospect engagement, and revenue generation.

Top 10 Sales Training Companies to Watch in 2023

Without the right service provider, businesses cannot expect to generate the desired ROI from their sales training investment. The experience, industry reputation, testimonials, and case studies of sales training teams should be assessed thoroughly. Furthermore, the scheduling, location, and training delivery options need to be flexible. And most importantly, the training modules should be customised to meet the organisation’s learning and business objectives. Across corporate forums and thought leadership posts, B2B industry stalwarts have come up with the top training service providers. The following 10 sales training companies have emerged as trendsetters with impressive portfolios:-

  1. Denave– A global sales catalyst, Denave is an industry leader with B2B clients across 5 continents and over 500 cities worldwide. The team’s USP is to improve sales readiness with tech-enabled sales training services.
  2. SalesBoost– The company specialises in providing skill-based learning programs. They provide in-depth classroom and field sales training for improved sales performance.
  3. InfoPro Learning– An eLearning service provider that customises online sales training programs for B2B, B2C, and D2C businesses. Overall workforce performance enhancement and business development are the top priorities.
  4. Sandler Training-A sales training company with a proven track record, Sandler Training orients sales reps to understand customers better. They assist businesses of all sizes and varying revenue models.
  5. Richardson- Richardson has excellent reviews with a diverse portfolio of delivering sales/marketing training to a wide range of businesses. Its areas of specialisation include training sales teams from Healthcare, IT, and Financial Services.
  6. Action Selling- Action Selling is globally renowned for its highly interactive and engaging sales training programs. They have certified corporate trainers from various sectors on board. 
  7. Impax Corporation– The team works closely with their B2B clients to understand their vision, revenue goals, and training priorities.
  8. Sales Readiness Group– Sales Readiness grooms and trains sales reps with practical insights on the entire sales cycle.
  9. ELB Learning– Provides a wide range of learning services and products, authoring tools, off-the-shelf training, and so on.
  10. Tyson Group– An award-winning sales performance management company to guide sales managers, supervisors, and representatives.


B2B sales today are more competitive than ever before. Only with a well-trained and efficient sales team, businesses can ensure consistent sales and revenue generation. Outsource training services fosters a robust learning culture within the organisation. It boosts adaptability to new trends/technology, promotes data-driven systems, and helps create well-oiled sales machinery. Before researching potential sales training agencies, businesses should evaluate their learning objectives vis-à-vis the latest industry standards. The right training partner should not just be a training modules provider but a holistic learning/development hub for sales enablement.

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