What Are The Top US Based Companies For Android Applications? 

It Among all the various mobile systems people use around the world, Android App Development has the biggest installed base. Android powers thousands and millions of mobile devices in more than 190 nations. By the end of 2021, it has around 71% of the global market share, and this trend is increasing at a rapid pace.

The first version of Android, which is based on a modified Linux kernel and other open-source software, was created by a firm called Open Handset alliance. In the beginning. Google sponsored the project, then in 2005, it brought the entire business. The first android-powered device arrived in the market in September 2008. 

What are the advantageous factors of android development?

Here are some of the major benefits of Android App Development

  • Since the operating system that runs on Android is open-source, it has a huge support community. 
  • Google’s design standards for the Android application makes it easier and simpler for an Android App Developer to create more user-friendly applications. 
  • Android applications gain extra power as a result of fragmentation. As a result, the programme may manage two tasks on a single screen. 
  • Releasing an Android app on the Google Play Store is comparatively simpler than other app platforms.

What are the top US based companies for android app development? 

Below are some of the top US based companies for developing an android application.


It is one of the best companies for Android App Development. OpenExcel is unbeatable when it comes to providing top-notch development services for your android apps. Their cross-platform and iOS Application development services are among the finest at providing a premium user-experience and meeting the needs and demands of different target audiences. As one of the  top businesses for app development, you can rely on the mobile solutions offered by OpenXcell. Their ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES are always exclusive, reliable, and secure. 


Developing complicated and challenging business-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, and cutting-edge web and mobile solutions are all specialties of Cubix. It is one of the top providers of android apps, games, and corporate software. With over 12 years of expertise, they have served clients that include individuals, startups, and businesses. Their talented staff is continually advancing and grasping the direction of the industry. They have mastered everything including blockchain , online education, internet of things, AI, machine learning, service software, Augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.  


AWS has recognised Geniusee as one of the top custom software development company that provide tech solutions to midsize companies, start-ups, and well-known industry giants. Their Android App Development Company holds the AWS Consulting and AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner certifications, as well as AWS LAmbda Service Delivery Designation and AWS Education ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Competency. 

This company successfully delivers full-fledged software development, tech and business consulting, and support for their clients and parties around the globe. The team of 200 qualified professionals has successfully completed more than 150 prestigious projects in a wide range of industries, with the focus on FinTech and EdTech. 


Utility is a Android App Development Company that specializes in creating unique web and mobile applications in collaboration with forward-thinking partners, ranging from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It Utility Was created by individuals with experience on the other side of the table, including digital leaders from organizations like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson. User experience designers, top-tier Android App Developer, and strategies for digital products make up our team. This business focuses on developing mobile apps, designing apps (UI/UX), developing websites, designing websites (UI/UX), etc.   


This Android App Development Company specializes in creating custom software. Emerline serves as a strategic technology partner for several well-established businesses and start-ups with headquarters in the USA and Europe and offers full-cycle software engineering services to businesses throughout the world. As a technology partner, it is out obligation to fully assume the responsibility  for transforming your daring technological concepts into comprehensive solutions. They put a lot of emphasis on developing mobile apps, websites software and both web and app user interfaces and user experiences. 


It Offers custom software development services for start-up companies. Each start-up business has a unique chance to make an identity for itself. The success or failure of the compAny usually depends on the quality and productivity of its custom software development provider. At Ideologic, they have more than 6 years of expertise in working with small start-ups in  various industries. It includes Fintech, Blockchain, crypto, and NTFs. They closely collaborate with their clients and develop a software solution from scratch. It involves iOS/Android apps, blockchain-based custom apps and platforms. 

Their range of ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES includes design pof product, custom development services, and UX/UI development, product featuring consultations and market research, software testing and assuring quality of a product, and post-development software support. 


The above-provided information highlights the top Android App Development Companies in the US. Among all the various mobile systems people use around the world, Android App Development has the biggest installed base. Android powers thousands and millions of mobile devices in more than 190 nations. By the end of 2021, it has around 71% of the global market share, and this trend is increasing at a rapid pace.

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