What is the Best Email Ticketing System for Customer Support?

Every day, many used to suffer from inbox overflow and growing annoyance about how difficult it is for customer support staff to manage emails. You need folder layouts, color-coded tags, and filters to make a shared inbox for customer assistance look professional and function as a practical solution.

However, managing it gets impossible as the volume of emails rises. Through its engaging and dynamic design, an email-based ticketing system software gives much value in streamlining your email support.

This post will examine email ticketing system benefits, best practices, and a few well-known email ticketing platforms that might be a suitable fit for your organization to aid you in your search.

What is Email Ticketing System?

An organization or team can manage incoming email requests using an email ticketing system. The application converts each email received into a ticket, allowing the team to follow an appeal to completion.

Although a corporation can manage email using a standard email account, a ticketing system is frequently chosen because it offers features that help avoid emails from being lost in the flow and facilitate teams working through the queue cooperatively.

List of best Email Ticketing Systems:

  • Deskxpand:

From small businesses to large corporations, they can keep current with real-time updates and react quickly due to DeskXpand helpdesk management software. Eliminate duplication in ordinary chores so that you may concentrate on expanding your company by providing quick, helpful client service.

Deskxpand helpdesk software assists you in completing your daily ticket management tasks. It aids in problem analysis and helps to lessen recurrent incidents.

It includes an integrated knowledge base so that users can quickly locate the necessary answers. These benefits improve customer retention and help you save time and money.


  • Engagement across channels
  • Enhanced customer & employee satisfaction
  • Hiver:

The first Gmail-based email ticketing system in the world is called Hiver. Its design is uncomplicated, user-friendly, and simple to comprehend, given that it was created for Google Workspace and has a Gmail-like appearance and feel.

It includes effective email ticketing capabilities, including email assignment, tracking, automation, reporting, client satisfaction surveys, and more.

Hiver is designed to foster long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships by keeping teams from treating customer’s emails as one-time transactions and from treating them as anonymous tickets.


  • Customer feedback questionnaires
  • Provides integrations with the most used applications
  • Freshdesk:

Freshdesk’s email ticketing system is among the most sophisticated in the industry. Teams find it easier to arrange, assign, and work together on email tickets because of their shared inbox.

It transforms consumer requests received via email and social media into tickets. Freshdesk gives support staff detailed information about a customer’s previous encounters with your business, feedback, and support history.

Among the extra services, Freshdesk offers are automation, agent collision detection, a self-service site, and a knowledge base. The Email ticketing system also offers gamification tools to motivate and involve agents.


  • Trends and reporting for tickets
  • Extensive client context
  • Jitbit:

JitBit can handle, distribute, monitor, and automate incoming email tickets using the well-liked email-based ticketing system. Teams can set it up quickly and begin using it without too much trouble because it has a more straightforward user interface than other email ticketing systems in its class.

The cost of JitBit also contributes to its popularity as one of the top ticket management platforms. Its plans aren’t priced per agent because Jitbit offers flat monthly and annual cost options.

To accommodate various business kinds and demands, Jitbit provides both a cloud-based and a hosted version of its email ticketing system.


  • Labeling and classification of tickets
  • Dashboards for analytics and metrics reports
  • Help Scout:

Help Scout is a popular email-based ticketing system that makes managing shared mailboxes easy for teams of all sizes. It offers a simple interface and includes tools like ticket prioritization and routing, automation, analytics, and answer templates.

Help Scout offers users a built-in knowledge library and live chat features along with its ticketing system. Email ticketing software is also a simple connector that allows your system to integrate with new and pre-existing customer channels and databases.


  • Automation based on rules
  • Response models
  • Zendesk:

For teams who use a variety of customer service channels and need a central hub to communicate with their clients in an easy-to-use manner, Zendesk is the best email ticketing system. This help desk software is particularly beneficial for larger teams with a large client base.

It helps consolidate all customer contacts into one system, giving the team significant context into previous customer interactions without needing to search.

While enabling users to take control of their problem-solving with its community forums and self-service knowledge bases, Zendesk also allows teams to manage, organize, and handle email tickets effortlessly.


  • Updates in real-time on open tickets
  • Ticket distribution

Final thoughts:

From the above mentioned, excellence in customer service cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all method. Your business’s demands, the consumers you serve, and your long-term ambitions for the company will all significantly impact your customer service objectives.

By implementing the ideal email ticketing system, businesses can concentrate on scaling successfully and offering their clients flawless customer experiences.

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