Why Buy Travel Insurance Plans Online?

Buy Travel Insurance online

Why Buy Travel Insurance Plans Online?

People typically first become aware of travel coverage when traveling abroad and must buy international travel policies online. But now, more travelers are insuring their vacations than before the outbreak.

Online travel insurance purchases are convenient, and the coverage may be adjusted for various journeys. Whether the trip is for business, family, or pleasure, there are multiple coverages, add-ons, and insurance durations.

The Benefits Of Purchasing Travel Insurance Online

In this digital age, there are many advantages to online buying a travel insurance plan. Here are a few explanations for why you should purchase travel insurance online:

Therapies and treatments without cash

If you have travel insurance for your vacation, being taken to a network hospital will enable you to use cashless medical services worldwide.

Meets the necessary criteria for entry to certain countries

You must have travel insurance to obtain a visitor’s visa to several nations worldwide. So, you may travel to one of these nations. In that case, you can easily check travel insurance options online and apply for a visa after purchasing one of India’s top travel insurance packages.

Online comparison of plans is simpler

When you purchase travel plans online, you can quickly evaluate the various insurance plans available from several companies in one location, all while staying within your price range.

Insurance agents are not required

You can now purchase travel insurance without relying on an insurance agent. When you compare insurance policies online on Okbima, you can independently locate the best coverage for your needs.

Hardly any documentation is required

You can complete several pieces of paperwork or provide numerous documents when you purchase travel insurance online. You must enter your information on the online form to buy the best travel insurance plan for your forthcoming trip.

Quick and easy policy buying

Buying travel insurance online saves you a tonne of time because the policy is practically quickly issued. You are not required to go to an agent or the insurer’s office either. You may promptly examine the main characteristics of the various travel insurance policies available in India and purchase one.

The Ideal Travel Insurance Plan’s Features

Understand what you need to do to prepare before you leave on vacation. Know what travel insurance is and how it will safeguard you, as well as buy tickets and pack. The following are some of the top travel insurance advantages to seeking in an international travel insurance policy:

Travel protection

Travel-related emergencies, such as the following, will be handled by a good travel insurance plan

  • Travel Assistance: Whether in a foreign city or nation, your travel insurance policy will cover any urgent assistance you may need, such as measures to obtain a second passport or legal advice.
  • Policy Extension: If your trip is stretched and your aircraft is delayed for several days, your international travel protection will be maintained for a specific time.
  • Flight Delays: Your travel insurance coverage will pay for additional expenses following the policy’s provisions if your flight is postponed for a particular reason.

Covering COVID-19

Because COVID-19 wreaked havoc, most insurance will assist you in the following emergencies

  • Cancellation of a Trip: You will be covered if you or a member of your immediate family is hospitalized before your trip due to a diagnosis covered by COVID-19 travel insurance. In this situation, you will be reimbursed for any non-refundable and unused sums, including accommodation and ticket charges, following the conditions of the policy.
  • Automatic Extension: Before purchasing, confirm whether or not your coverage will automatically extend in the event of a lockdown in the country where you are traveling.
  • Medical Expenses: Should you or anybody traveling with you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while overseas, your COVID-19 coverage for foreign travel coverage will cover these costs.

Coverage of baggage

Given how frequently airlines lose luggage, you should have some protection. Many traveler’s insurance policies also provide the following advantages of aircraft travel insurance

  • Covers Lost Baggage: On flights, your stuff may get lost or, worse yet, stolen. The good news is that you will receive assistance with the cost of essential personal items like clothing, medications, and toiletries if you have an international travel insurance plan.

Health Insurance

What could be worse than becoming ill while traveling? A severe setback is getting hurt or becoming sick suddenly while on vacation, especially when you have a limit to stick to. In certain medical situations, your travel health insurance plan will help you:

  • Medical crises: If you experience an accident or develop a sudden sickness, your insurance coverage from India will provide coverage. In India, there are a lot of companies that provide cashless travel insurance. This allows your insurance company to pay the hospital in your network directly for the costs of your care.

Why Choose Okbima for Buying a Travel Plan?

The needs of various travelers have led to the development of several forms of travel insurance coverage. Online and offline purchases of foreign travel insurance are available to individuals of every age, particularly adults, children, seniors, and students.

Which makes it difficult for an individual to shortlist a good travel plan. Okbima can help you find the appropriate travel plan online.


Please be aware that the cost of travel insurance will vary from provider to provider and depending on your coverage level. When choosing the best travel insurance from India, then compare insurance plans online

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