10 Painting Ideas for Outdoor Concrete Spaces

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Concrete has become a popular material choice for homes, offices, and industries alike. Depending on how you shape it, concrete can take a wide variety of forms. It can be professional, vibrant, or plain.

One of the many areas we install concrete is for outdoor spaces, such as patios and backyards. But you don’t have to think solely about functionality. You can also give your concrete a proper makeover and enjoy a beautiful view as well.

So, let’s take a look at some of our ideas for your concreted outdoor spaces.

1. Gloss it up!

Concrete is dull and drab — this is what many believe, but it is far from the truth, and it all depends on how you use it.

If you want your concrete to be classy, you can choose to use high gloss and make it shiny. It is a suitable choice for patios, decks, and hallways. This makes your place seem luxurious and high-class.

However, you must seal it properly, or it can cause issues later. When you choose a provider for concrete painting in Melbourne, they will walk you through the entire process needed for your space.

10 Painting Ideas for Outdoor Concrete Spaces

2. Create Contrast with a Coloured Border

Every inch of your home speaks your personality. So, do not leave concrete slabs as is, and try to jazz it up a little. One way is to paint a border around your concrete surface, whether a patio or a deck. For example, the whole surface will be in a cream shade enclosed inside an orange border.

You can create this border with tiles, stone, or paint. But we suggest painting as it is easier to change the colour if and when you wish. Besides, it is also more economical than the other alternatives.

Start by consulting with a provider for concrete painting in Melbourne and seek their suggestions for a colour scheme. For starters, you can pick a colour wheel and consider complementary colours, such as beige and lavender. Otherwise, you can try two shades of the same colour, perhaps terracotta orange and coral orange.

3. Pop with White

White is classic. No other colour can beat it.

So, if you can handle some of maintenance, you can consider painting your concrete surface with a bright white. It will add freshness and liveliness to your entire home.

Compared to other colours, white can make your surface seem more airy and spacious. This will be a great choice for garage floors, basement floors, and brick patios.

Floor paint can also provide other benefits, such as resisting hot tires, harsh chemicals, and high traffic. It also doesn’t need a primer. So, considering all these benefits painting your concrete floor could affect your functionality as well as aesthetics.

4. Faux Brick Pattern

Homeowners always want their homes to stand out. If you are one of those people, you can try painting a faux brick pattern for your outdoor concrete surface. It is simply painting brick patterns using a stencil and your desired colour.

This catches the attention of the passersby and your guests equally, making you feel special for your choice. One of the most classy faux brick styles comes in white. Think about it and find the possibilities from your concrete painting contractor in Melbourne.

5. Paint a Kaleidoscope

This is a breath of fresh air!

Paint a pattern that resembles a Kaleidoscope in your desired colours, and it will uplift the whole vibe of your home. It looks remarkably intriguing and makes a strong impression on your guests.

To paint this, you need at least two colours, one for the base and the other for the pattern. For example, you can choose a beautiful turquoise colour pattern to sit on a bright white base colour.

After this upgrade, your outdoor space will become your mood-lifter.

6. Wood Grain Effect

With this, your concrete will look like wood. Why, you ask? — Because this combo provides the aesthetics of hardwood while the functionality of concrete. It is a solid combination.

However, this idea can be a bit challenging to pull off, and thus, you need to hire an experienced service provider for concrete painting in Melbourne. This looks fantastic only when it is done right.

But the work requires more time than any other on this list. Mainly it is because creating a wood-like effect is intricate, requiring more than one stain colour. Yet the result will be worth it.

Final Say

We hope you found inspiration in these ideas. One last piece of advice is not hiring a random interior house painting contractor in Melbourne and expecting out-of-the-world results.

Look specifically for a contractor that specialises in concrete painting in Melbourne. This will guarantee a great outcome.

You can check out Blue Sky Coatings for further details. They offer a wide range of painting services that may help you.


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