An Overview of app security

Application security points to the security measures undertaken at an application level. This prevents the data or the code within the app to be stolen or hijacked. It takes into consideration the security measures which occur during the application stage and design. At the same time app security is about deployment measures so that the security of the app is not compromised.

The reasons why application security is important

The main reason why application security is important is most of the applications are available over various networks which are connected to the cloud. This increases the vulnerability to security breaches or any form of threats. The hackers are all out with the apps more today than in the past. Application security reveals the grey areas at an application level that prevents such forms of attacks.

The types of application security attacks

There are a series of application security attacks that includes

  • Authentication- when software developers, it incorporates procedures into the applications ensuring that only the authorized users gain access to it. This ensures that the user goes on to say who they really are. Multi- factor authentication includes more than a single form of authentication as it can be a password or in the form of a mobile device. Thumb impression or facial recognition are a few other tools to consider.
  • Authorization- the moment a user has been authenticated, the user may be authorized and access the application. The system may validate and user has permission to access the application. It is something that needs to take place before authorization so that both of them end up matching.
  • Encryption- Once a user has been authenticated, and uses the application the security measures could protect the sensitive data. A cyber- criminal could use it. If it is turns out to be a cloud-based application where traffic that contains sensitive data would travel between the end user and the cloud. At the same time the traffic is encrypted to keep the data safe.
  • Logging- if any form of security breach occurs in an application logging is going to indicate who got access to data and how. An application log in files is going to provide a stamped record of which aspects of the application needs to be assessed by whom and when.
  • Application security testing- the process is necessary to make sure that all the security controls are being used properly.

Application security in the cloud

An application security in the cloud does go on to pose extra challenges. The cloud environment goes on to incorporate shared resources, special care needs to be taken so that the users have access to the authorized data. Sensitive data is more vulnerable when it comes to cloud-based applications. The reason being that the data is transmitted from the user to the application and more.

The platforms like Appsealing turn out to be a viable option when it comes to cope up with application security in the cloud. There are experts to guide you at each and every stage.

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