With the increasing demand for paper in the US

box compression tester is designed for testing compressive strength on corrugated boxes/cartons according to international standards. Compressive strength or compression strength is the capacity of a material to withstand loads tending to reduce size. Corrugated cardboard or corrugated board (CBO) is a stiff and strong paperboard used to make boxes, trays, and containers.

These boards can be single faced or double faced. In the past, these boards were made with wet-process pulp which had to be dried after making the board. Today, most corrugated cardboard is made with dry process pulp, which can be made more quickly than wet-process board.

It also requires less energy and water to make. Most paper industry Box Compression Tester uses the dry process because it is a more effective way to produce high quality product. Paper production today is about 20% of all manufacturing.

With the increasing demand for paper in the US, there is a need to increase the output of corrugated paper board per year. There are two major types of corrugated board. One type is the dry board, and the other type is the wet-process board. The dry process is much cheaper and faster to manufacture than the wet process. The dry process uses wood chips and paper pulp instead of wood sawdust

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