Boost Efficiency with JCB & Tata Hitachi Heavy-Duty Equipment Under Rs. 39 Lakh

Boost Efficiency with JCB & Tata Hitachi Heavy-Duty Equipment Under Rs. 39 Lakh
Boost Efficiency with JCB & Tata Hitachi Heavy-Duty Equipment Under Rs. 39 Lakh

The infrastructure industry is ever-evolving, thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies. In a positive milieu like this, it becomes crucial for the stakeholders to invest in the best. The heavy-duty equipment market is also driving the consistent growth of the infra industry.

Manufacturers constantly invest in R&D and technologies to improve their product segment. Two such brands outliving the expectations are JCB & Tata Hitachi. While their equipment is highly efficient, they’re cost-effective too. Let’s explore two models that fall under a price range of Rs. 39 Lakh.

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

Coalsing a strong build and spectacular design with impressive features, this model surely has surpassed the expectation of the best-performing backhoe loader. To begin with, the model has 7460 kg of operating weight. This subsequently enlivens work output and assures maximum equipment utilization.

Additionally, this backhoe loader can lift materials weighing up to 1800 kg. Moreover, the model features 1 cum bucket capacity, which further facilitates & accelerates the lifting process. Overall these two features constitute higher efficiency.

Further driving the productivity of the machine is its hydraulic oil storing capacity of 110 ltr. Not to forget, the equipment is available at a price range of Rs.35-38 Lakh in India. Hence, the JCB machine price for this model is quite reasonable, given the features.

Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus Excavator

This is one of the best-selling models often backed by infra professionals. To exemplify, the equipment has an operating weight of 4150 mm. This feature, in particular, carries immense potential to scale up output by significant numbers.

Moreover, this Tata Hitachi machine further enlivens productivity with its 55 HP. Besides, the model can facilitate the storing of material in bulk, thanks to its bucket capacity of 0.68 cum. Additionally, the equipment easily lifts these bulky weights with its massive lifting capacity.

More importantly, this excavator model from Hitachi can dig around 4150 mm and facilitate a range of tasks. Also, this model is available at a price ranging from Rs. 35-32 Lakh.

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