Online gaming is the new phase of the sports arena. People are indulging more in online gaming now. Since the lockdown and pandemic, people have made their participation in the games much more visible. Coming together in the form of playing with your family and friends is a new trend now. People come in connect and contact through online gaming. There are so many multiplayer games available for you to earn real money and play with live opponents. 

There are so many games that you can choose from. 

Let’s start with our most favorite game,


It is one of the most favorite and popular card games that can be played in a group of 6 people. People have been indulged in clubs as well as casinos to play poker, but now the game has been made available online. What is better than enjoying your favorite game with your friends and family? People have given a massive supportive response to the online poker game that the game has gained a lot of users all around the internet. Many gaming apps have been including poker after seeing the huge response of people. 


Download and start with your all-time favorite game, rummy. There are 3 types of rummy games available on the online platform, which are 13 cards points rummy, deals on rummy, and the last one is pool rummy. You can enjoy the game with your family and friends and have a good game! Also, there is an option to earn real money awards and some other rewards from winning the game. Isn’t this fun? Get connected and win real money as well. It has become a multiplayer game that attracts many live opponents, who make the game much more interesting for you!


Who doesn’t love ludo? Every generation loves this game. It started as a board game for children, and now it is here available online as well. We all know the game and its simple rules as well! The game is very interesting and very easy at the same time. You have to enjoy the game. Everyone knows the game can be played among 4 people only. We have seen in the lockdown period how many users increased for the game. So what are you waiting for? Just go and download the app to get started with the game. 


Call break is also a very popular game that has been made available on the online platform. You can register to your gaming app to start playing the game. It is also a multiplayer game and has many users all around the world. you can start and begin with earning a small amount of money by playing the cash leagues, and then slowly and gradually, you can play with big amounts as well. ‘


If you love some tricky questions to be answered, try the quizzes which are made available online. You can have the option to compete with your family or friends in the quiz. Also, you can earn some amazing cash prizes and rewards by winning the quiz contests. These are some interesting quizzes that include brainy questions and interesting and interactive questions that make the game much more fun!


It is also a very famous board game which we have played since our childhood. The game is a multiplayer game that includes maximum of 4 players. No doubt it is one of the very interesting games, and people love to play it. With all the love for the game, it has also been made available online for people to enjoy. You have to pick up your smartphone and can start playing in your free time. And also, you can master the skills for this game and then start real money earning games


This game is also gaining a lot of popularity among our gamers. People love to play the games like these. Also, people are earning huge amounts of money from this game. They play the game for their interest and then slowly and gradually indulge in it with full money; what is better than enjoying your favorite game and winning money from that game.


UNO is also a very fun card game to be played with your friends and family. This is also a game which we played a lot in our childhood. And now this one has been popular on the online platform as well. It is also a multiplayer game and can be played within maximum 4 or 5 people. This game is very fun when you start playing. 


You can play any of these multiplayer games on the website of Dangal games. Just register yourself with the website and get going with any game you want. Play the cash leagues here, and don’t worry, it is a safe and most trusted website. You can enjoy the games here! 


So these are some of the top online multiplayer games which you can play and have fun with. You can register yourself, and then you can also start with the cash leagues and earn real money and some amazing rewards.

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