Maximizing Event Registration With Instagram: Ultimate Guide

Event Registration With Instagram

Looking for ways to maximize your event registration using Instagram? Confused between Instagram stories vs reels? We got you covered in this blog with top tips and tricks which will help you in boosting your audience. As we all know, Instagram is becoming a popular social media app in today’s time. It has over 1.2 billion active users every hour. However, you can use Instagram for event registration and can reach a large number of people across the globe.

Instagram being the most trending application offers numerous benefits in event planning. You can socially connect with people globally and make an impact on your event. Using Instagram live streaming services you can increase engagement and audience participation along with networking opportunities. So without further ado let’s discuss the ways you can utilize.

How To Boost Event Registration Using Instagram 

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to boost your event registration and engagement. Let us discuss the ways,

Create An Engaging Instagram Account

The first step towards event registration is to create an engaging Instagram account (profile) with your event name or organizer name. Your Instagram account is the first thing that creates an impression on the public. Make sure you keep your Instagram profile set as ‘public’ instead of private. Here are a few elements that you can consider while making your account.

  • Bio: Make sure you create an interesting yet informative bio for your Instagram profile as it is the first thing that describes your profile. Mention event name, and event details like time, date and venue to make it more appealing 
  • Profile Picture: Consider uploading any image as your profile picture but that image must align with your event. You can post your brand logo, or something similar to your event so that it is easily recognizable.
  • Link: Don’t forget to add the link in the given URL box. Add your event website link/ microsite to your Instagram profile. This link will redirect your audience to the event landing page and allow them to know more about the event through microsites.

Create Compelling Content

Creating compelling content for the event registration comes next. Always make sure that you create interesting, informative content for that event with high-quality audio/video content and amazing visuals. Here are the things you can consider at the time of your event.

  • High-Quality Visuals: Create your audio and video content in high-quality visuals. Strong visual content easily captures the attention of your followers and gives them a reason to follow, engage and seek knowledge about your event. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on visuals because it’s the sense of sight that gets engaged in the very first look. 
  • Captions: Always create compelling captions with information about the event. Do not unnecessarily stretch your caption. Be clear about the event’s purpose, time and date, key components of the event and highlights of previous events.

Your captions should be enough compelling that it encourages the audience to participate in the event. Also, don’t forget to include the event’s hashtags in captions.

Leverage Inbuilt Features

You can maximize your audience by leveraging the internal features of Instagram such as stories, reels, posts, IGTV and direct messaging. To attract more audience and engagement you can use these inbuilt tools. Here are a few tips you should consider.

  • Instagram Stories: To attract more audience you can use Instagram stories for event registration. It’s a feature on Instagram in which you can share event-related images and highlights for only twenty-four hours. You can post eye-catching stories using gifs, countdown timers, hashtags, polls, Q&A and swipe-up links. However, Instagram stories for events have proven to increase engagement, reaction and story replies from followers.
  • Instagram Posts: Consider reaching out to the audience using Instagram posts for registrations. Posts are like a showcase of your profile, in which you can share photos and videos related to your event. In post sections, you can add a description of the uploaded image/video and use plenty of hashtags to reach larger audiences. Also, after posting you can share your post in messages with your followers and with the public.
  • Instagram Reels: Instagram reels for event registration can be another way you can choose to maximize your audience. Make attention-grabbing reels with concise yet informative descriptions along with your event hashtags. You can also link your Facebook profile with your Instagram profile so that you can also use the benefits of Facebook live streaming services. Just like that, you can increase your audience count by sharing everything on Facebook too.
  • Instagram IGTV: IGTV is the feature on Instagram that allows you to record live videos without any time restriction and then you can post videos on your profile. You can conduct Q&A sessions with your followers regarding event registration or you can educate your followers about the event through IGTV. 

Engage And Interact With The User

Make sure to engage with your followers through Instagram direct messaging. You can make your followers remind of event details. Interaction is the ultimate key to increasing the reach for event registration. Therefore, share the posts, highlights, reels and stories in direct messaging for maximum visibility. This will increase the awareness of your event and may attract more new potential followers.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly Instagram offers a great platform for event registration with its visual appeal and trending features. It drives engagement through its compelling content, features, and interactive ways(stories, reels, IGTV, posts etc). It helps to increase your event visibility and you can easily convert your followers into your attendees for the event. However, using Instagram with a planned strategy can enhance your overall event experience. Therefore, keep exploring Instagram for more ways to optimize your event registrations.

Hope you gained some insights from this blog. Thank you for reading!

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