The Ultimate Guide to Longboards for Campus Commuting

best longboards for college

Longboarding is a popular form of transportation among college students. Especially those living on or near campus. Longboards are perfect for commuting as they are lightweight, easy to carry. And can navigate through tight spaces such as crowds or narrow walkways. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of longboards available. And factors to consider when choosing a longboard for campus commuting. We will also review the top longboards on the market. And provide safety and maintenance tips to ensure. You get the most out of your longboarding experience.

Types of Longboards for Campus Commuting

There are different types of longboards available for various activities. Such as cruising, carving, downhill, and freestyle.

  • For college students, a cruising longboard is the best option for campus commuting.
  • Cruising longboards are typically 30 to 40 inches in length and have softer wheels for a smooth ride.
  • They are designed for cruising around campus at a comfortable speed and are easy to maneuver.
  • Carving longboards are ideal for those who want to make sharp turns.
  • Whereas downhill longboards are for speed. And freestyle longboards are for tricks and stunts.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Longboard

When choosing a longboard for best longboards for college , there are several factors to consider.

  • Deck size and shape is an important consideration. As it determines stability and control. A larger deck offers more stability, whereas a smaller deck provides better control.
  • Wheel size and durometer are also important factors to consider. Softer wheels provide a smoother ride, whereas harder wheels offer more control.
  • Truck size and style play a crucial role. They play a role in the longboard’s turning ability and maneuverability.
  • Finally, bearings play a role in how smooth the ride is and how fast the board can go.
  • It’s important to consider cost when purchasing a longboard. As some longboards can be expensive.

Top Longboards for Campus Commuting

The Atom Drop through Longboard is an excellent choice for campus commuting. Due to its stable ride and smooth glide. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is another great option. It is for its durability and versatility. The Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard is perfect for those who want to carve through campus. It has a unique design that stands out from other longboards.

Longboard Safety Tips

  • Wearing safety gear such as a helmet, pads, and gloves is crucial when longboarding.
  • It’s also important to learn how to properly brake and avoid obstacles.
  • When riding in traffic, always follow the rules of the road and ride in designated bike lanes.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.

Longboard Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity of your longboard.

Cleaning the board after each use is important, as it prevents dirt and debris from building up. Tightening the trucks. And checking the bearings periodically ensures that the board is functioning properly. If the board becomes damaged. It’s important to fix it immediately to prevent further damage.

Benefits of having longboard

Sure, here are some benefits of having a longboard:

Sustainable transportation:

Longboarding is a form of transportation. It does not need any fuel or electricity. They are making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for commuting.

Low cost:

Longboards are generally more affordable than other modes of transportation. Such as bicycles or cars, making them an accessible option for college students on a budget.

Convenient storage:

Longboards are lightweight and compact. They are making them easy to store in small spaces, such as dorm rooms or apartments.

Improved physical health:

Longboarding is a low-impact form of exercise. It can improve cardiovascular health, increase endurance, and strengthen leg muscles.

Faster travel:

Longboards can often travel faster than walking or biking. They are allowing students to get to class or other destinations more quickly.


Longboards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They are allowing riders to customize their boards. It is used to fit their personal preferences and riding style.

Fun and social:

Longboarding can be a fun and social activity. They are allowing riders to explore their surroundings. And connect with other longboarders in their community.


Longboards can be used for a variety of activities. It includes commuting, cruising, downhill racing, freestyle, and more. They are making them a versatile mode of transportation.


Longboarding is an excellent mode of transportation for college students. By choosing the right longboard and following safety and maintenance tips. Students can enjoy a smooth ride to and from class. Always wear safety gear, follow the rules of the road. And properly maintain your longboard to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

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