Get to know value for money for NoiseFit Evolve 2

NoiseFit Evolve 2
NoiseFit Evolve 2

In today’s time people prefer to have smart watches as life cannot be imagined now without smart phones and smart watches makes it easy for you to manage things. 

But because of the high cost people often do not buy smart watches even when they want it, but what if the cost of the smart watches below Rs. 5,000 then many people would be interested in buying it. 

And brand Noise which is made in India has introduced noisefit evolve 2 watch which has classic round shaped dial and will cost you around Rs. 4,499. 

If you are planning to buy this watch then a NoiseFit  evolve 2 review would be good for you to know the features and specifications of this watch so that you can invest your money in a good item.

In this blog you will be getting an honest review of the noisefit smart watch which will give you a clear view of the watch. 

Review of NoiseFit evolve 2 smart watch for the users – 

On papers the smart watch looks almost perfect with feature such as oxygen level calculator, hindi support language, 7 day battery performance, etc 

We will break it down and will try to find out if these things are true or just on papers. 

Display and design of the smart watch 

If we see in terms of design then it is for sure attractive and you will get three colours to chose from which are cloud grey, charcoal black and rose gold pink. 

The display of the watch is inspired by Samsung galaxy watches, the watch isn’t heavy but does not have a users tap on screen feature. Overall, if you see you will find that noisefit offers you everything which you could get in an affordable smart watch. 

The watch is splash resistant hence, you do not need to get worried about light rain or washing hands, besides which you will get options for brightness and colours, etc. 

Features and the performance of the noise fit smart watch 

The smart watch will allow you to perform various functions such as you can scroll and do any settings you want to, also you can also check the notifications from the apps connected to your smart watch. 

Quick reply feature will also be offered to you, handy torchlight feature will also be offered to you along with camera shutter feature which is absolutely amazing for clicking group pictures. 

Battery of the noise fit smart watch 

As for the battery of NoiseFit  evolve 2 you can use it for around five days with standard usage however, if you will keep the display mode on then the battery of the smart watch will last for two days. 

In the packaging you will not get an adapter but you will get a short magnetic charging cable which will be useful for you. 

Final words about the noise fit evolve smart watch – 

There is no doubt that noise fit evolve has amazing feature as per the price tag it has and you will get plenty of features, however step count or sleep tracker might not be accurate always. 

David Martin

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