A Brief Guide to the Career as a Cybersecurity Consultant

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The introduction of 5G technology has boosted technical growth around the world. It has given rise to more advanced technical infrastructure and enhanced many operations like remote surgery, autonomous vehicles, metaverse lifestyle, and more. Apart from 5G the advent of AI and similar technologies have also emerged as a transforming factor changing the way we live, work, and play. But they come with great risk as well. These technologies provide a perfect platform for cyber-crimes. Businesses employ highly skilled professionals to safeguard the organization and its customer’s digital assets from cyber-attacks. So, if you are someone interested in a cybersecurity career, then in this article we have brought a brief overview of a highly acclaimed job profile – Cybersecurity Consultant.

What do Cybersecurity Consultants do?

Cybersecurity Consultants refer to highly skilled cybersecurity professionals who are not confined to only one kind of job. Their main is to advise businesses about the best cybersecurity practices and see through that everything is in place. Their roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Protecting computer systems and networks of the organizations
  • Identifying vulnerabilities within the organization and its systems
  • Planning and responding to security incidents
  • Risk assessment and security planning
  • Training employees about the best cybersecurity practices
  • Implementing cybersecurity solutions

These are a few of the many tasks Cybersecurity consultants are responsible for. They can work as an individual contractor advising different businesses or as a full-time employee in any particular organization.

What skills and qualifications do they possess to perform their job?

Since cyber-crimes are mostly related to computer, digital, and network systems, Cybersecurity consultants have to be proficient in all of these. So, if you are planning to establish yourself in this role in your cybersecurity career, then you should hold a degree in computer science, cybersecurity, or a related field. There are some mandatory skills that they must have such as:

  • Deep understanding of various operating and network systems
  • Networking protocols
  • Penetration testing
  • Security analysis
  • Identifying weaknesses in security solutions, etc.

These are some of the basic but must-have skills. Depending upon your profile, you may have to upgrade yourself. In such cases, cybersecurity certifications can prove to be very helpful in acquiring the desired skills.

How much salary do they take away?

For their expertise, cybersecurity consultants are paid heftily across the globe. Also, they are responsible for maintaining and securing the company from cyber threats therefore they are paid handsome annual salaries. Here is a brief overview of how much they take home as an annual package for their work in various countries:

Country Average Annual Salary
United States $131,830 (Talent.com)
Canada $105,000 (Payscale)
India ₹8,00,000 (Glassdoor)
Australia $120,000 (Seek)
United Kingdom £65,000 (Indeed)
Germany €75,000 (StepStone)

Boost your career as a Certified Cybersecurity Consultant

Certified Cybersecurity Consultants hold great value in the cybersecurity market. The cybersecurity consultant certificate helps gain expertise, and knowledge in this domain and provides credibility to it. Having a certificate also increases your chance of getting hired and with higher salaries. Though there are many cybersecurity certifications like CISSP, CEH, CompTIA Security+, etc, the Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™) from the United States Cybersecurity Institutes (USCSI®) distinguishes itself to be the best and dedicated cybersecurity certification program for cybersecurity consultants.

This program designed for mid-level cybersecurity professionals empowers the professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge both theoretically and practically and it is available both as a self-paced and instructor-led learning program.

You get plenty of time to prepare for the certification exam. But in case you fail the exam in 2 attempts, you can reappear for the exams at a nominal fee of US $149 for each of the subsequent attempts.

Job Outlook for a Cybersecurity Consultant career

Now all businesses heavily rely on technology. Computers and networks have become an integral part of all organizations. So chances of becoming a victim of cyberattacks are larger than ever. This has given rise to increased demand for cybersecurity consultants. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these professionals will grow 33% by 2030. Therefore, if you are looking for this esteemed position, then it is the perfect time to invest in yourself.


Cybersecurity Consultants are experts in their domain who do all kinds of jobs to protect their organizations and clients from all sorts of cyber-attacks. From planning to execution and to the analysis of what went wrong, they have to handle everything. This is a great profile in the cybersecurity domain with an incredibly high annual average salary. So, we recommend, get certified by the top institutions such as USCSI® and take your cybersecurity career to the next level.

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