Best Video Production Company in India for Fashion Brands

video production company in India for fashion brands
video production company in India for fashion brands

India is a hope for all industries worldwide, and with fashion enthusiasts, the fashion industry is outgrowing its limits. Currently, the fashion industry is worth over $101 billion and is growing by a CAGR of 3.85%. According to Fashion United, an average Indian spends 6% of their salary buying clothes and footwear. Fashion brands are finding constant ways to make more sales and generate a better ROI, and today, which strategies can be better than the one that includes videos as a part of a promotion? Videos aren’t just helping fashion brands but can be beneficial for brands in various industries out there. For now, let’s understand how videos are helping fashion brands reach the top. 

Videos and video marketing are proven ways for a brand to engage the audience and maximize the return on investment. According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers say that videos directly impact their business, to which BuzzSumo adds that 93% of fashion brands have stated that adding influencers in your videos can spread awareness about a product and brand effectively. So, we have seen how videos can impact a business, and videos made with research and unique strategies can skyrocket your fashion. Who can make the best strategic videos better than a video production company in India for fashion brands? Video agencies help brands create engaging videos that work wonderfully for the fashion company’s profile and help them accomplish brand goals, such as spreading awareness, amplifying sales, generating high-quality leads, retaining customers, and more.

In this article, we will learn how video houses are helping fashion brands get the finest results and reveal a secret video company helping fashion brands accomplish their brand goals. 

Watch how Shoppers Stop generated 8.6+ million views with the video campaign handled by the pioneer video production agency for fashion brands.

To promote Shoppers Stop’s end-of-the-season sale, the video agency applied the following strategies to give the brand profound results.

  1. The production house provided the brand with 21 influencers from genres, like lifestyle, fashion, and more. 
  2. The first two videos spread awareness about the brand’s end-of-season sale.
  3. In the second video, the video house made sure the influencers visited the stores while including the Father’s Day theme in their videos.

As a result, the brand gained over 8.6 million views, with just 21 KOLs who shared 21 videos in a one-month campaign.

Best Video Production Agency For Fashion Brands

Meet India’s top video production company for fashion brands is Vidzy, With a rich experience spanning over six years, The video company has maximized fashion brands ROI with high quality engaging influencers based videos. Vidzy has successfully collaborated with over 1,200 esteemed brands, including giants like H&M, Nobero, Flipkart, Uptownie, and more. Their exceptional services have left a mark across diverse sectors, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Now that we know what a video agency is and how it works. Let’s look at how its services can help a fashion brand.

Video Production Services For Fashion Brands That Boost Your Brands Sales:

Fashion brands have a high demand in the Indian fashion market, and with the market’s size brands, these brands face tough competition in their career. Let’s learn how to use video production services to make your brand stand out.

Using Influencer-Based Social Media Videos To Grow An Organic Audience: 

Having people know you is one of the initial steps in marketing, and having an organic audience can help a brand with things such as enhancing visibility, generating engagement, interactive audience, growth in ROI, and more. 

The influencer-based social media videos help brands accomplish their goals, and with influencers in the relevant industries. These influencers help brands gain the reliability and the trust of the audience.

Influencer-Based Ad Videos To Maximize Conversion: 

Video advertisements help brands reach an inorganic audience, which makes them just as important as social media. This audience is either looking for your product or a similar one. Additionally, it aids in lead generation, customer conversion, and improved return on investment for brands. Engaging influencer-based ad videos are produced by video brands to optimize conversion rates. Influencer based videos ads are taking brand’s sales and awareness to the next level. H&M brands use video ads to intract and engage thier target audience. Why are waiting for hire best video production company in India that accelerate your fashion brand’s sales and awareness. 


Interactive Your Audience With The Influencer-Based Product And Service Videos:

Showing the products is necessary for the brand to help the audience understand how your product/ service looks and works, and interact with it.

The influencer-based product & service videos help brands create videos with influencers showing and recommending your product to the audience, which aids them in interacting with your products, leading to generating high-quality leads, boosting sales, and improving ROI.

Show Authenticity And Build Trust With UGC videos:

As we all know, testimonials are an essential part of social proof, and your audience wants to see that, but this time, they want to hear about your product from real-time users and see their results. The video production agency in India helps brands find and create UGC videos with the help of real-life users of the brand. Fashion brands use these videos to generate authenticity, build trust, and maximize sales. 

Maintain And Build Relationships With Corporate Videos:

These videos are a great way to show the audience the behind-the-scenes and transparency, giving them a hint of care and entertaining them with the scenes. These videos help fashion brands create and maintain relationships with the audience. 

Spread your reach with TV commercials:

Regardless of how often a viewer uses the internet, television ads are effective tools that reach a large audience. These advertisements aim to educate the older population as well as tech-savvy people about various brands and their products. Brands can effectively engage with a variety of audiences by disseminating these videos widely, which will increase lead generation and product recognition.

Use 2D & 3D Graphics To Educate The Audience:

Audiences look to experts for advice on what works best for them in their pursuit of informed decision-making. Brands are essential in helping them learn about their issues. On the other hand, taking in a lot of information at once can be daunting. It is where a video production agency’s experience becomes useful. These agencies help brands effectively educate their audience by simplifying complex concepts through the integration of 2D and 3D graphics.


Now, after understanding how the video services can help you. Let’s learn the various reasons why fashion brands choose the video agency.

Why Fashion Brands Choose The Production House As Their Go-To Video company:

Affordable Pricing: 

Being a well-known video production agency, Vidzy is great at providing affordable options. Its reasonable prices have made it more well-liked by both new and established companies as well as small ones. Vidzy stands out as a preferred option for brands because it remains a budget-friendly option while maintaining excellent video quality. To get your premium video at a cost that fits your budget, get in touch with Vidzy right now.

Engaging And Real-Time Based Trends:

It’s critical to create video content that audiences can relate to, and Vidzy is excellent at this. The video production house helps brands maximize their product and service awareness by utilizing the newest trends on social media platforms. These trends cover everything from cutting-edge sound effects to captivating performances, making sure that viewers are entertained and engaged with the content.

Data-Driven Content:

Vidzy is an expert at creating content that is customized to the tastes of the viewer. Brands can produce videos that have a strong emotional impact thanks to Vidzy’s extensive research on audience preferences. This data-driven strategy quickens the brand’s growth trajectory while also ensuring that the content is in line with the preferences of the audience.

Wrapping UP: 

Videos are becoming an integral part of brands because companies want to expand quickly in the modern market. Companies that hire video production agencies are aware of the miraculous ways in which their productions assist brands in achieving their objectives. Make Vidzy your choice to maximise ROI.

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