Top 5 Video Production Companies in India in 2023

video production company
video production company

Video production companies in India are making the lives of their fellow brands easy and helping them create the most engaging and interactive videos. These videos support brands in accomplishing their goals and taking charge of their growth. Brands that have tied up with video agencies have seen a drastic change in their stats for good, and 86% of marketers of different brands have stated in a study by Wyzowl that video marketing has directly impacted their brand.

These video production agencies are known for their creativity, innovation, and ability to deliver high-quality videos that resonate with the audience.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 video production companies in India that have made a name for themselves in the industry. These companies have a proven track record of creating engaging and impactful videos for their clients and have helped many brands achieve their marketing objectives.

Top 5 Video Production Agencies in India: What’s Making Them Leading?

There are many video production companies in India, and all possess different qualities that make brands like them. These qualities can be anything from their services to their experience. So, let’s take a look.

Vidzy: Best Video Production Agency

In the first position, India’s renowned top video production company Vidzy is known for its video production services, experience, and the additional benefits it provides to the brand, which we will talk about later in this article in detail. The video production agency has over six years of experience and has worked with 1,200+ brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Mamaearth, and more, leading companies in their respective fields. The companies have over two lakh trusted influencers who can help your business take off.

Brands are choosing Vidzy because:

  • provides authentic UGC content.
  • does thorough research on the audience and industry
  • Gives a personal brand manager to
  • Influencer-based videos for brands
  • Data-driven trend-based analysis

UGC Video Agency:

With six years in influencer marketing, this product house helps brands create content with the best influencers in the industry and is known for its UGC videos. By obtaining the data through user-generation requests, management collection, and sharing, this agency helps brands utilize their clients’ success stories and prioritize their customers.

Brands are choosing the UGC Agency because:

  • Improve creativity in the brand’s content.
  • Enhances visibility 
  • Maximize engagement and interactions.


With world-class influencer marketing services, Grynsta helps brands create the best and most strategic video campaigns. This video production company features social media creators to improve the brand’s business.

Grynsta has executed over 10K campaigns, has 6+ years of experience, and has over 2 lac influencers on board with them.

Brands are choosing Grynsta because:

  • Create trend-based videos.
  • Include influencers from the relevant fields as part of the brand.
  • Have unique storytelling skills that help the audience relate to the brand.


The video production house has over five years of experience and has worked with 1000+ brands in various industries. It provides everything from well-researched videos to personalized videos that help brands engage the audience and increase ad performance.

Brands are choosing Videase because:

  • It has a hardworking team of analysts and strategists.
  • Creates personalized videos for conversions
  • It has a quick delivery rate.

IGY Grow: 

Its reliable and attentive video services will leave your brand no choice but to grow to the next level. IGY Grow is a video production agency with famous creators and designers who are helping brands become leaders.

It turns the brand’s aspiration and provides them with a persoal brand manager. 

Brands are choosing Videase because:

  • Providing the personal manager to get the best out of the video campaign
  • It helps in better collaboration and credit sharing.
  • Improve in ROI

Now, it is time for us to talk about the services and extra benefits of Vidzy, which can help you understand how video services help brands.

Video Production Services Offered by Video Houses

As we read, Vidzy is a top video production house that has been a brand for over six years and has collaborated with 1200+ brands. Here, we will show you how its services can help any brand in any industry grow.

Influencer-Based Social Media Videos:

These videos are essential and help brands boost visibility, which leads to a growing organic audience and stats. Influencers play a crucial role in the medium that supports the audience in learning about the brand and sharing its reliability and authenticity. They help brands enhance visibility and grow organic traffic.

Influencer-Based Ad Videos:

Professionally made with the purpose of promotional utilization, these videos help brands generate the maximum inorganic audience. These videos help brands maximize quality lead generation by 66%, says Wyzowl. Influencers dominating these videos help the audience become aware of the brands and buy their products and services. They help brands gain an inorganic audience, generate high-quality leads, and convert leads.

Influencer-Based Product and Service Videos:

Brands need to spread awareness about their products and services and create videos that can make people show their products’ features to the fullest. Influencer-based product and service videos help brands do the same. The video production house in India creates these videos, which show the brand’s features and show the results from the influencer’s end. They help brands showcase the benefits and promote their key features.

UGC Videos:

Showing the results isn’t enough. Sometimes, the audience wants to see how the product affects its regular users, and UGC videos stand for themselves. UGC in UGC videos stands for user-generated content video, which means that real-life users make these videos for potential customers to become aware of the results. And trust us when we say that these videos can dominate the decisions of your potential customers. They increase the chances of the product being sold and spread awareness.

Corporate Videos: 

These videos play a crucial role in helping the brand maintain transparency and authenticity. Corporate videos are engaging and have an interactive approach that supports the brand in creating and maintaining relationships, whether they are old or new. These videos increase awareness and communicate with the audience.

TV Commercials Videos:

These videos have been around for a decade and help a large audience become aware of the brand. While airing the advertisement on television, brands can get millions of viewers at once, and this can help them reach an audience they didn’t even know about. These videos spread awareness and led to sales.

2D And 3D Motion Graphics Videos:

Brands have a variety of options for engaging their audience with 2D and 3D videos. These films present goods, services, and brand messaging in a distinctive and eye-catching manner. They help the brand show its product’s features and explain concepts easily. These videos create engaging and memorable content and provide virtual tours of their physical spaces.


The top 5 video production companies include Vidzy, UGC Agency, Grynsta, Videos, and IGY Grow. These companies are unique in their own ways and are helping brands generate more ROI. The best video production services that Vidzy offers are influencer-based social media videos, influencer-based ad videos, influencer-based product and service videos, UGC videos, corporate videos, TV commercials, and 2D and 3D videos. Contact Vidzy for an unbeatable video approach.

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